Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers – What’s the alternative to buying followers?

Why buying Instagram followers might ruin your account

Guy Kawasaki, an American author, and marketing specialist, once said,

There are 2 kinds of people on social networks: those who want more followers and those who are lying.

Obviously, we all want to grow our following, and there are many different ways to do it: some choose to take the short road and buy Instagram followers while others would rather endure the long road to success. Whichever of the two groups you fit in, this entry is for you.

We’re not just going to talk about why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers, but also cover the following topics:

  • Do numbers matter on Instagram?
  • Why it’s a terrible idea to buy Instagram followers
  • Where to buy Instagram followers (if you must)
  • The alternative to buying Instagram followers

So strap in and let’s get started right away.

Do Numbers Matter on Instagram?

buy Instagram followers

For most people, numbers are a huge thing on Instagram. We tend to believe the bigger the number, the more successful we are going to be, whether we bought Instagram followers or not.

(Un)fortunately, that isn’t always the case.

I have seen accounts that make as little as $40/post with more than 250k followers but I also know one lady who was making $700 – $1000/post posting coffee shots at a time when she had about 43k followers (she’s now at 65k+ following). The difference? Engagement + Content Quality.

Is 20,000 ghost followers more important or a mere 200 who actually engage with you?

Success is relative. So we all set out to achieve our different goals for Instagram, be it by buying more Instagram followers to give a false representation of our true following, or by applying strategies that lead to a natural and sustainable growth of our accounts that will ensure the longevity of our success on Instagram.

Building great engagement on Instagram requires quite a bit of time and patience which unfortunately a lot of folks may not have as they’re probably too busy in other areas of their lives.

This is why some prefer to buy Instagram followers, likes or even comments. But does this really get them the kind of results they’re looking for?

Why it’s a terrible idea to buy Instagram followers

Low engagement

In my opinion, what counts more than having a huge number of followers on Instagram is having great engagement. I’m talking about real organic engagement. When brands are scouting for influencers to possibly work with, undoubtedly top on their checklist is engagement. Your chances of landing a good pay are higher if you have a relatively high number of followers who actively engage your posts.

There used to be a time when you could buy Instagram followers, likes, and comments and still be able to organically reach your real followers and even those that aren’t following you, but the latest Instagram algorithms have changed that entirely.

See, Instagram’s algorithm works like this: the more engagement (relative to the number of followers) on your post, the more exposure you will be rewarded with.

You can’t fake this today anymore. Their systems can now read the pattern of activities of your followers and can easily tell if the engagement is genuine or manufactured. Furthermore, when you buy Instagram likes, the hundreds of accounts that liked your posts do not follow you, your posts did not even appear in their feeds. This easily raises suspicion and consequently, your post will get tanked so that even your real followers won’t see it. And if you’re one of the unlucky ones, Instagram will shadow-ban your account leading to your engagement and reach falling further behind.

I recently bought Instagram followers and likes for one of my small accounts and I quickly noticed the engagement began to drop significantly. Eventually, I wasn’t receiving new followers organically and as a result, I ended up abandoning that account. But if you’re still looking to buy Instagram followers regardless of the consequences, the next bullet point is just for you.

Where to buy Instagram followers

buy Instagram followersFor one reason or another, you might still be interested in buying Instagram followers and likes so I’d recommend getting them from the same seller I used to buy from. They’re cheap and are the most reliable I know.

How to buy Instagram followers in 2017

You’ll need to register on and load some money on your account via Paypal, Webmoney, Interkassa or Bitcoin. Whenever you want to buy Instagram followers or add ‘likes’ to your posts, you’ll just need to:

  1. log in,
  2. paste your URL and
  3. hit ‘submit‘.

The alternative to buying Instagram followers (the actual strategy you should be employing!)

How else can you grow your account quicker without resulting to buying Instagram followers?
#1. Provide value!

buy Instagram followersPosting great content and growing your Instagram following from scratch is by far the most effective strategy long term. Make use of apps like VSCO (Android, iOS) and Prisma (Android, iOS) to find the perfect filters for your images and create a theme for your page so that it looks neat and organized. Of course, it isn’t as fast as simply buying Instagram followers. But you’ll be winning real followers that actually love what you post and will actively engage with you. It might take longer to gain followers but once you reach the point at which your account starts to grow naturally and organically, all the effort you put in will have been worth it.

#2. Hashtag strategy

Use only 5 – 15 hashtags. Instagram tends to give less attention to posts that are flooded with Hashtags. When researching for hashtags in your niche, pick the ones that are 1000 x the average number of likes your posts usually get. For instance, if your average number of likes is 100, select hashtags in the 100,000 range. If you get an average of 200 likes/posts, go for hashtags in the range of 200,000. Use to find/research hashtags relevant to your niche. As your following grows, you will be able to target bigger hashtags.

Pro Tip: Alternatively, you could select about 5 big hashtags and mix them up with 5 more that fall within your ratio.

#3. Engage with your followers to gain more exposure

Take time to comment on and like your followers’ posts. Engage especially those with more followers. So say, for instance, they reciprocate, their followers will see their activity and are most likely to find your content interesting and follow you.

By being generous with your engagement, others will catch on and your account will get more engagement with little effort which we now know pleases Instagram’s algorithms.

To keep your engagement growing, reply to every comment you get on your posts in a way that keeps the conversation going. You won’t need to do that for too long as your followers will have began to have conversations by themselves on your posts.

#4. Find relevant people to follow and who are likely to follow you back.

Pick large accounts in your niche to target their followers. Hashtags can also help you find relevant accounts to follow.

I realize that most people are turned off by the idea of following a bunch of people and then unfollowing them days later as a growth strategy. I totally get where you’re coming from and I think it has everything to do with morality (or the lack of it). The thing is, some sacrifices have to be made if you really want to grow your account at a faster rate without having to pay influencers to get a mention.

If it helps to know, you could avoid following the same people over and over if you run your account on Massplanner. Massplanner keeps a log of the accounts you followed up to 100,000 so that if you set it to follow new followers of target accounts, you won’t have to worry about getting nasty DMs from pissed off users.

I like to load all my Instagram accounts on Massplanner and automate posting, following, and liking, so what I’m left with to do manually is responding to comments. That makes it a lot easier to keep up with, and a lot less strenuous. You can register for a free trial of Massplanner and test it out for yourself. As has become customary in my other Instagram posts, once again I recommend that you set Massplanner to follow the latest followers of your target accounts. So for instance, if your account is in the foodie niche and you picked a few large accounts (75k +) in the foodie niche, whose followers you want to target, set it to follow the latest 10 – 15 from each of those large accounts.

Tutorial: Setting up your Instagram account on Mass Planner.

Ultimately, your purpose for wanting to grow on Instagram should determine what strategy you’re going to use.

In future posts, I’ll show you how I use Massplanner to drive traffic from Instagram to my Shopify stores.

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Until next time!

About The Author
Noah is a technology enthusiast at heart. He writes about tech, various topics trending on digital media and offers solutions to everyday gadget issues
  • Carl Dirkenson

    Hmm, interesting. But I a little disagree with you. Unfortunately, numbers do matter on instagram, especially if you want to make money. More followers – more money because you’re popular so companies see that and want to work with you (ads, sponsor posts, sample or whatever). And if you sell your own product you need more followers cuz’ they are your customers. They buy. Of course, you need real followers – not fakes or bots. Because if you sell product they can’t buy it. If you advertise you need real followers too because you will be useless because they don’t buy products of these companies you advertise. Some people can follow that “rules” but it takes time and self-management and not everyone are able for that. Apps help to make it faster and easier. Look at my sister that uses some apps and if to say about followers she uses zen-promo (.com?) as I remember. She gets what she wants and feel happy. I don’t understand all of it but if this makes her happy why can she do that? We live to be happy. So we can a little “cheat”. But sure, better mix apps and usual ways because all must be done wisely, right?

    • Hey Carl, my point was, numbers on Instagram aren’t a bad thing if they’re genuine followers that are also active on your posts.

      The issue here is, buying followers and likes might affect your engagement negatively. Also, brands have a way of telling which accounts have genuine followers.

  • Joe

    Hi Noah, amazing content as usual! I’m struggling with the engagement on my Instagram page recently. I’m a Mass Planner user, the F/U method has been proven very useful so far but I can’t figure out how to drive up my engagement. Specifically in the “like” tab these are my current settings: like posts posted within 3 days, like user most recent 2 posts, like posts that have max 100 likes (to get noticed). In the sources I ticked like followers posts (max priority), like feed posts(lower priority). What am I doing wrong? It doesn’t seem to give a decisive bump to my engagement. Thank you for sharing your advices !

    • Hi Joe, sorry for the late reply.
      Your engagement strategy looks solid. Might need to refine your target accounts.

  • Jake Johnson

    I see a ton of people disparaging purchasing instagram likes and followers, but honestly, my decision to purchase them was definitely the right choice. It has lead to much massive organic growth for my instagram account after the purchase, which is almost certainly a result of many people deciding to follow my instagram as a result of the increased number of likes and followers. Buying them can also really help you out if you have an instagram for your own business or company, as it can make you look more popular and legitimate, drawing more customers in to buy from you and giving your business a good boost. Buying instagram followers and likes in the curent year of 2017 is truly required if you want your instagram to become more popular and active. I normally use to purchase my instagram likes and followers because they have very cheap and fair prices, the likes and followers are high quality, and they have never dropped from my instagram unlike those I have bought from other providers. You could try to use any provider though.

    • Obviously promoting your site but thanks for dropping by 🙂

  • Friendlylikes

    Yes I aslo agree with you. it was very valuable. Too many people know about it. Thanks you for share it.