Instagram shuts down Mass Planner!

Instagram shuts down most popular bot – Mass Planner

Last night while I got ready to retire in bed, I got an email carrying some really saddening news: Instagram came after Mass Planner and had it shut down just as it did Instagress!

As someone who still has 37 Instagram accounts running on Mass Planner, this news really hit me hard. There’s clearly no way I would be able to manually operate 37 accounts every single day and still have time to cater to my other businesses. If you check their website, this is what greets you: mass planner instagram facebook discontinued

I’m just one among many who’ve lost a big chunk of their revenue and while I understand the reasons behind Instagram having to shut down a popular service like Mass planner, it doesn’t make it one bit easy to bear the loss. Some say that Instagram understood it could make a lot more money from marketers who prefer to automate their accounts instead of paying for ads, so they had to have them shut down to for this purpose as well.

After Instagram shut down Mass Planner, what next?

As it says in the email, if you already bought your copy of Mass Planner, the service will continue running until your licence expires. Soon after, there’s really nothing you can do to keep the software running.

I personally don’t believe that this is it for a revolutionary software like Mass Planner and knowing how resilient the team behind the software are, it’s only a matter of time before a solution is found.

Until that happens, although slower, we’re left to use some of the best growth hacks available to keep our businesses afloat.

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