Instagram shuts down Mass Planner!

Sad news I woke up to this morning: Instagram issued the team behind Mass Planner a Cease & Desist order. They were forced to shut down.

You will not be able to purchase the popular tool moving forward. The good news is though, if you bought Mass Planner before the order was issued and your license hasn’t expired yet, you will be able to continue using it until it does.

Not all hope is lost for you that didn’t have the chance to experience how easy it was to grow your account on autopilot. I’m sharing the coupon code: GRAMHACKS that will get you the ebook Gramous (21% OFF) from which I learn some of the best strategies for speedy growth on Instagram.

Once you get the ebook you will also gain access to a private forum where users share and discuss newer methods and if you have any questions, plenty of users will be able to help you out. I should also mention that you will get lifetime updates of the ebook.

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PS: If you’re interested in account management services (on Mass Planner) you can contact me via Skype: diablo2562. 

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  • Cameron Kinney

    First of all, great article. It really sucks because these bots were really useful to a ton of small businesses. I have tried a ton of bots and never really got hooked like some people do. However I did recently try which I really liked and they seem to do similar work to bots, but without bots haha. anyone else tried them?

    • Shame that you chose a time like this to self promote.

      That said, I don’t believe there’s a service out there that comes close to what Mass Planner could do. I think we should all wait a while and see what comes out in the next few days.