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If you’ve never heard about it, SMS Bomber or SMS Flooder is a tool used to send unlimited SMS to a mobile number. There are many SMS Bomber websites offering this tool for free but not all of them are efficient enough or deliver what they promise.

Features of a good SMS Bomber

  • Send unlimited SMS

You want an SMS Bomber that will send unlimited texts without a limit. The only factor here is your time.

  • Send free SMS online without registration

Who doesn’t like freebies? Better yet, you want to send free SMS online without registration. Are there any tools out there that can do this well and … for free? Let’s find out in a moment.

  • Send free SMS worldwide

Perhaps you live in a far country and sending SMS to your relatives living in the other corner of planet earth is super costly and you’re looking for a tool that will let you send SMS worldwide for free. Wouldn’t a tool like that be a very good thing?


Best SMS Bomber sites

This is only for those looking to prank their friends by sending them multiple SMS online. So if you’re wondering which the best text bomber websites are, then you’re in luck because we’ve carefully selected the top text bomb sites we believe are the best. We’ve based our selection purely on efficiency and ease of functioning.

Our top 3 SMS Bomber sites include:

  • (India)

Unfortunately, most of the above will only work with Indian mobile numbers.

SMS Bomber Apk for Android 2017

You can download the SMS Bomber apk for Android from the Play Store by clicking on the button below.

keyboard 2016

If you’re looking for the best SMS Bomber for iPhone in 2017 then SMS Bomber Cydia would be a great choice for you. The thing I like most about this app is that it doesn’t require registration to function.

Who is a Text Bomb tool for?


A good SMS Bomber is one that can send unlimited unsolicited SMS to a mobile number of your choice. It is mainly useful when you want to send commercial advertisements to a list of mobile numbers that you have collected. Sending unsolicited text messages might be considered a crime in some countries, so you might want to check your country’s laws before attempting to do this.

School-going kids

sms bomberOthers use an SMS Bomber/SMS Flooder to prank their friends and annoy the crap out of them for reasons best known to them.

Send free SMS worldwide

People looking to send free SMS worldwide

Perhaps you’re not just looking to advertise or prank your friends by sending them unsolicited SMS online. Maybe you’re just looking to send free text messages online. If you fall in this category then we have just the right service for you.

A lot of such services have died out over the past few years since people started developing bots that they use online for automation. These bots put a heavy strain on free online SMS sending websites by sending multiple requests at the same time, causing free SMS sites to crash and thereby denying genuine users the opportunity to send SMS for free online.

For this reason, we have set up a simple human verification service if you want to send free SMS online.

You can send SMS for free by clicking on the button below and after verifying you’re human, you’ll be able to send multiple SMS for free throughout the day.send sms text free online

How to SMS Bomb

Text bombing is quite simple and self-explanatory. All you need to do is visit any of the websites mentioned above, type in the mobile number you wish to send messages to and hit ENTER.

How to block spam text messages

So what if you find yourself on the receiving end of text bombs? How do you block spam text messages?

Well here’s a short video I found online that will guide you.

Final thoughts

In closing, we’d like to caution that we are not responsible for any action you might choose to take with the information provided in this article. We ask that you act responsibly and remember to confirm first if sending unsolicited text messages online is allowed in your country of residence in order to avoid breaking the law.

We’d like to hear from you, so please use the comments section below if you run into any difficulty.

Until next time!

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