How to unfollow inactive users on Instagram

You’re building your Instagram business, have followed and unfollowed users in their thousands. Subsequently, your numbers have grown into their thousands. But there’s a problem: as your account continues to grow, the engagement on your content just doesn’t seem to match the numbers.

It turns out you’re following a bunch of users who, despite the fact that they followed you back, they aren’t in the least interested in your content and therefore won’t like or comment on them.

What to do?

It only makes sense to unfollow these users to make room for others because as you probably know engagement is key to your success on Instagram.

So how do you get rid of users who aren’t interacting with your content?

As far as I know, unless you’re following about 10 users only, it would be a daunting task to even attempt to unfollow ghost users manually. That’s where apps/software come in.

Apps that can help unfollow inactive/ghost followers on Instagram

I’d like to show you a trick you can use to unfollow ghost users using Massplanner (just get the trial version if you don’t have this tool, you’ll be awe-struck at how much more it can do). It might seem a little complicated at first glance but I assure you it’s not and even if you get stuck somewhere you can always leave me a comment down in the comments section or send me an email.

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How to find inactive users you’re following on Instagram

  • Click on the tools tab on the left of your screen as illustrated below

unfollow inactive users instagram

Please don’t be distracted by the number of accounts I have running on Massplanner.

  • Now for the account that you want to remove ghost followers from, click on ‘Details >>‘ (there’s four of them in the row so just pick any one of them). When it opens, click on the ‘Contact‘ tab and then ‘EXTRACT USERS‘. Here you will paste these 2 lines:
  1. likers/YourUsername
  2. commenters/YourUsername

Your account’s username goes where it says YourUsername.

get rid of inactive followers on Instagram

  • Where it says ‘Extract __ users for each line added above‘ you’re going to put the number of followers you have.
  • Now click on EXTRACT USERS.

Allow some time for the extraction process to complete. How long this will last will largely depend on the number of followers you have.

  • When it’s finished, click on the ‘Use Users’ tab. Now SELECT ALL and then EXPORT SELECTED as shown in the image below.

unfollow inactive users

An Excel Sheet will open and on the 1st column will be the usernames of all users that interact with your posts. Copy them all and go to the ‘Unfollow‘ tab, scroll down and check Use Whitelist. Paste all users and click on ADD USERNAMESremove inactive followers

Allow it to finish the process.

  • Check ‘Unfollow all users‘ and ‘Also target users followed outside of Mass Planner‘ and then click on START UNFOLLOW.remove ghost followers

With that, Massplanner will unfollow all users and leave only those that interact with your content. This should help improve engagement on your posts.

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Until next time!

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  • Britt

    Hey it’s ‘Sarah’!!!! I’m going to be using MassPlanner again. Was wondering if you could school me on the right settings I should use? I don’t want to overdo it and I want to make sure I use your referral link as well. Please email me at poponthepop AT gmail. I can’t wait to catch up.

  • Enrique

    Hi, I don´t know what am I doing wrong. It seems that the list shows all followers that actually like and comment your posts, cause that´s what you are asking for to MassPlanner, right? So, how can I see these “ghosts” if I´m asking for people who actually interacts with me?

    Thanks in advance

  • hi, isn’t the white list for those you don’t want to unfollow?

  • The list generated would be people that like and comment your post, not the contrary.

    • Hi Carlos,
      Just made a minor correction, the list generated is of those interacting with your content.

      These are usernames we want to add to Whitelist and then we’d unfollow everyone else.

      Thanks for the headsup!

      • You’re welcome. Your article was very useful by the way, thanks 🙂