Can the Z80 3G Smartwatch live up to the demands of daily use?

Should you get the Z80 3G Smartwatch?

With many smartwatches available in the $150+ range, the technology can be somewhat inaccessible to consumers who are on a budget. If you just want a smartwatch for occasional use, or you want to try the platform out before you drop serious coin on a high-end model, there are not a lot of options available. With the release of the Z80 3G Smartwatch, all of that has changed. With such a steep discount compared to other products, can the watch live up to the demands of daily use? Let’s take a look.

Z80 3G Smartwatch Design

Z80 3G SmartwatchThe first thing you notice about the watch is that it’s clearly designed to be durable. The large rubber band is very protective, and sits comfortably on your wrist. The power button was easy to access, and the watch was comfortable to wear. But it’s worth noting that this is quite large compared to most watches. The base of the watch is fairly thick, and sticks out a bit from your wrist. Unlike most of the watches on the market, this one actually has a square display instead of a round one. This does improve visibility a fair bit, provided you don’t mind the extra size. Most impressively, the watch is actually waterproof due to its sealed rubbery case.


Z80 3G SmartwatchWhile the watch isn’t running the common android wear software, it does retain most of the features. The touchscreen interface was simple, clean and easy to use. For fitness use, the watch has a pedometer and a heart rate monitor. Both of these features worked perfectly, although the heart rate monitor takes a faster reading if you flip the watch to rest on your wrist. The watch also has a handy sedentary reminder, if you are sitting still for too long it will give you a quick reminder to stand up and get a bit of activity. It’s fantastic for helping you get a couple stretches in if you work an office job.

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Surprisingly, this watch actually has its own network connection instead of relying on Bluetooth from your android smartphone. Popping your micro sim card into the watch gives you access to google maps, which I found to be very handy. You are also able to send and receive messages, however, keep in mind you will need to rely on text to speech to send messages. The keyboard requires you to scroll through letters one by one and is near impossible to use.


The Z80 3G Smartwatch runs off a 1.3GHZ MediaTek processor found in a few other smartwatches. For all of the basic watch features it works perfectly, although GPS was a little laggy. The watch also has half a gig of ram, perfectly suitable for the basic software included.


There are very few smartwatches on the market at this price point, and the Z80 3G Smartwatch does a pretty decent job at providing you with all of the basic features. Since it’s also waterproof, I’d highly recommend the watch to anyone that wants to make use of the fitness features. If you’re looking for a product that you can use daily, I might advise going for something that is a little more compact as the design of the Z80 3G Smartwatch is quite a bit larger than other models.

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  • Dafg Geee

    Hello, have you tried to use GPS? How GPS work? It’s possibile install apps like endomondo or runtastic? Tnx

    • GPS works but I haven’t tested the apps you’ve mentioned.

      • Dafg Geee

        It’s possible install google play store apk? Tnx

        • Saif

          it is already installed

  • Saif

    Hi, some sites say this watch has a micro sd expansion slot (up to 32gb) and others don’t. Can you please tell me which is true? thx

    • Hey Saif, sadly a micro sd expansion is not supported on the Z80 3G Smartwatch

      • Saif

        Thanks for the reply Noah. One other question, were you able to install more android apps in the watch and was it easy to do?

        Great article, by the way.

        • With the little time I spent playing around with it, I can’t say much about the ease of installing but it really didn’t seem much complected. I’ll be doing more tests once I’m done with the project that I’m currently working on.

          • Saif

            Thanks for the info. I’ve just placed an order for one.

            • bayareajohn

              The GOOGLE PLAY STORE works just the same for this watch as for any phone. But two suggestions… pair a bluetooth keyboard to it for text entry/setup and you will be happier… and use the GOOGLE PLAY website on your full size computer to browse and install apps you can assign to install on the phone instead of browsing on the tiny screen.

              This thing rocks.

              Note that the reviews that mention a memory card slot have mistaken the external PHONE SIM CARD slot for a memory or USB connection. Nope. The charger gives you USB though.

              The GPS works fairly well. Not as precise as my MOTO X, but within 100 feet.

  • Saif

    Hi, some sites say this watch has a micro sd expansion slot (up to 32gb) and others don’t. Can you please tell me which is true? thx

  • bertrand


    Are you able to reply to phone calls from a bluetoott connexion with your phone ? And speak directly with the watch ?


  • Abu Shalee

    My z80 smart watch says unfortunately messaging has stopped can somebody help