7 reasons why blogging kicks ass

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Three years ago, if you asked me what a blog was, I wouldn’t have had a proper answer for you. Back then I understood the internet to be the greatest source of information alright, but I never gave much thought to the different forms and platforms this information was presented except that if were to look for information, say something strange like humans with tails, all I had to do was to head over to Google and type in the query box  “humans with tails” (you can check that out later ) and viola! I would get about 11,000,000 results in half a second, all sorts of links to websites would be presented to me and all I had to do was to pick one, or more and a website would open.
blogger bloggingI had no clue that blogs were also websites but websites were not blogs. (did you read that line twice? Smile )
At least that’s all I knew.
I became acquainted with the concept of blogging with the passage of time and at around March of this year I wanted to have a blog of my own.  I didn’t know exactly why I felt the need to create one, I thought it was a cool thing to have. So I spent the next few weeks reading about blogging and gathering all the information I deemed relevant for successful blogging. I use the term ‘successful’ because in my initial stage of learning about blogging, I discovered that there’s quite a number of things one could achieve by going about this the right way. So in April I launched androidtipster.com. How and why I picked that domain name will be covered in future posts. For now I’m going to mention just a few reasons why you should have a blog of your own. This will be especially relevant to those that are new to blogging and will also serve as a reminder to those of you who’re already doing this.

Why blogging kicks ass

(1). Blogging offers an avenue for people to express themselves.

By putting your personal thoughts onto a blog post you’re able to express your opinion about any subject matter. You begin to notice that by doing so on a regular basis, you become a better thinker. You become comfortable being know by those on the outside and confidence begins to grow on you.

(2). Stay knowledgeable and active in a field or topic

Blogging has become very popular for people who consider themselves experts in certain industries. They’re able to share their passion and know-how with the rest of the world and draw a lot of pleasure by assisting others.

(3). Make money online

I have to admit that beside expressing myself to the global audience, making money while at it was a great motivator to a greater extent. I’ve read countless articles about making money online and I found that many bloggers are doing it at a professional level. One of those whose blog I enjoy reading is a young inspiring blogger from India, his name is Harsh Agrawal and owns several blogs but his main one is called ShoutMeLoud. Harsh is a very ambitious young blogger who teaches his readers how to blog professionally and make tons of money from it.
Beside his regular blog posts, he posts his income reports where he shows in details how much money he made and which source he made it from. You can have a look at those reports here: ShoutMeLoud income report.
blogging on bloggerI mentioned Harsh because his income reports are mouth watering to a blogger who’s just starting off. He’s honest and open about his work and has earned a lot of respect and loyalty from his readers. There’s a lot of ways anyone can make money blogging and this being the 1st in the series ‘Cashing In On A Blogger Blog – The Complete Guide!’, I will focus on the introduction. In my future posts I will be sharing some of the best and surest ways you too can employ and be able to earn money online passively.  We will cover everything in details and before long your efforts will begin to bear fruits. I will only cover that which is realistic and including those that have worked for me up until now. So be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

(4). Live a healthier life

There’s hundreds of thousands of blogs focusing on personal improvement today. Some weigh in on evolved lifestyles while others are great reads for fitness enthusiasts. A blogger can only write about that which he has extensive knowledge of so there’s simply no preaching water and drinking wine as a blogger. You have to walk the talk to be able to build trust with your audience and sell your ideas. Fitness blogs are run by people who work out on a regular basis, while blogs about weight loss and diet are run by those who are knowledgeable in this field, they literally live it.

(5). Inspire others

By writing about your personal journey, you inspire others who your story resonate with. A lot of people are looking for hope and inspiration to face the troubles in their own lives. Say you survived breast cancer and wrote about it on your blog. There’s no telling how many lives your story is going to touch. People will be glad to borrow some of your ideas to cope and deal with their own illnesses and some that might have lost all hope will feel rejuvenated enough to want to live and fight for another day.

(6). Blogging can help upgrade your resume

The thing about blogging is you obviously have to think and write. You have to write well if you want people to read and share what you have to say. If you do this consistently, you gain more experience and begin to understand how to engage your followers and thereby you become a better communicator. You will begin to notice that your posts on social media like Facebook and twitter and even your work emails become polished and a joy to read. You’re self-promoting and soon you’ll be able to stamp your authority in the industry that you’re in.
And lastly,

(7). Meet new people

You will meet and connect with a lot of people who you share common interests with. For instance if you blog about mobile phones like I do, partly, often times you’ll find yourself reading and commenting on similar blogs. If you offer value to others they will want to reciprocate and will soon be visiting your blog and discussing issues with you and before you know it, bonds will develop and some may even promote your material. You will make friends and learn different cultures from a round the world. I know of a couple who met through blogging and have been married for years now. Good stuff huh?
I have mentioned but a few. If you asked every blogger why they do what they do I’m sure every one of them will have an interesting answer. There’s just no reason why you too shouldn’t start today and rediscover yourself and your passions.
best-blogging-platformIn the next post in this series I am going to show you how to create a blog on blogger. If you type that on Google right now there’s thousands of posts showing you how to do it. Why then should you stick with this one?
Here’s why…
Before I started Android Tipster, it took me weeks of researching and learning from successful bloggers. These men and women have made a name for themselves in the blogging industry and are still using Blogger blogs even after many years of success blogging. I’ve been able to form friendships with some of them and I continue to draw valuable lessons on how best to blog on this platform. My HTML editing skills have improved immensely and will come in handy for you when you decide on the template you want for your blog but need to do a few tweaks here and there.
I also have a few blogs on Blogger that I’ve not made public. I use these to test some of the best Blogger templates for different niches and have since polished my template editing skills to a point where I’m comfortable teaching. Finally, having been broadly exposed to different blogging niches I will also offer valuable opinion on template design that will suite the niche you’ll pick.
Head over to this post: Best Blogging Platform For New Bloggers and familiarize yourself with some of the reasons why Blogger is still the best platform for new bloggers.
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