Best Proxies for Jarvee – Social Media Automation

If you’re using Jarvee for your social media automation, you probably understand how crucial proxies are especially when you’re running multiple accounts of the same platform. Proxies give your social media accounts different IP addresses so that they don’t appear as though they’re all active in one household.

When do you NOT need to use proxies on Jarvee?

If you have Jarvee installed on your PC and are running less than 5 accounts of the same platform (e.g 5 or less Instagram accounts) then you don’t need proxies.

When do you NEED to use proxies on Jarvee?

There are 2 situations where you would need proxies for Jarvee:

  • When you’re running more than 5 accounts of the same platform
  • When your copy of Jarvee is installed on a VPS.

So, what are the best proxies for Jarvee?

The proxies you would need will largely depend on the social platform you’re automating on.

Best proxies for Instagram

We’ve written about proxies for Instagram before but things have changed since.

For instance, I have found that of all the platforms available on Jarvee, Instagram and Facebook are the strictest of them all. A few months ago, cheap proxies worked well on Jarvee but since the July update, those proxies will only get you like, follow, unfollow and comment blocks so much so, that it doesn’t make sense anymore to use them.

Today, 4G and Mobile proxies seem to be the only ones working. But even with 4G and Mobile proxies, you’ll still need to observe the limits set on Instagram.

Best proxies for Twitter and the rest

Twitter and the rest of the platforms on Jarvee seem to be a lot more lenient when it comes to proxies than Instagram and Facebook. I use proxies Social Media Proxies from for these and I’m yet to face any problems.

The other good thing about these proxies is, say you buy 10 proxies to run 10 Twitter accounts. You can use the same proxies to run 10 Pinterest, 10 Quora, and 10 Tumblr accounts. Thus, you’re able to save quite a bit on proxies.

How to set up your proxies on Jarvee

best proxies for jarvee social media automation

Once you have received your proxies from and have started Jarvee…

  1. click on Proxy Manager
  2. click on ADD PROXY
  3. You can now add your proxies in the fields that pop up. You’ll need to click on ADD PROXY for every proxy that you want to add

Once you’ve added all your proxies, you can click on VERIFY ALL PROXIES to check if your proxies are valid.

We’re currently testing out some 4G proxies on a few of our Instagram accounts and once the test is complete and we feel like they’re working properly, we’ll share where we bought them from on an update of this article. 

Until next time!

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