Easythreed E3D Nano Review: a Plug and Play Household 3D Printer

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Our review of the EasyThreed E3D Nano

The E3d Nano 3D printer is an offering of the young startup, Shenzhen EasyThreed Technology, set up in 2015 with an objective to “develop the most cost-effective and productive 3D printing technologies, software and consumables worldwide”. The E3D NANO delivers on that promise cent percent, offering users the freedom to use a plug and play 3D printer to bring their creations to life.

easythreed e3d nano review

This nano 3D printer designed for the masses is ready to print straight out of the box. For all those newbies who find the dynamics of setting up a DIY 3D printer kit and then tweaking it to get the perfect prints daunting, the E3D NANO with its plug and play abilities presents an affordable alternative.

First Impression

The EasyThreed E3D Nano is priced in the sub-$200 range, available for just $180, and is marketed as a household and educational printer. Its small footprint makes the E3D Nano perfect for tabletop, desktop, and classroom use. The set-up process is simple and the printer comes with a small learning curve. Learning to operate and print with the E3D Nano does not take more than a few minutes. The only tweaking that you may need to do along the way is leveling the bed correctly, but more often than not the printer is pretty well leveled right from the start. You can literally insert the filament and SD card the minute you take it out of the box and hit print.

The most striking feature of this printer is its fairly decent build quality and ease of handling that makes it perfect for young 3D enthusiasts and children.

Build Quality

The EasyThreed E3D Nano has a compact, light but stable structure that does not at all feel cheaply built. Weighing as little as 1kg, it comes with an ABS-like material frame that encapsulates dual X-rails, belts and dual square rods for holding the Z-axis, a threaded rod, extruder, Y-axis pulley drive, nozzle, heat insulator, and a print bed. On the front of the frame is a print button for operating the device and an indicator light, while the rear houses the USB and TF Card ports, power button, feed and retract switch. It offers a low volume build size of 90x110x70 mm and an upper volume build size of 90x80x45 mm.

Specs and Features

Of course, the E3D Nano comes as a fully assembled, ready-to-use 3D printer. That coupled with a lightweight and compact structure is the strongest USP of this device. Since it is designed to be used as an educational printer at home and in schools, safety is a key consideration. The E3D Nano, with its solid ABS-like material frame, dual X-rails, belts and dual square rods to hold the Z-axis in place, delivers on the count perfectly. The hotend too is well-protected to reduce the risk of any accidental touch and this eliminates the need for tacking material even after running several prints on the E3D Nano in quick succession.

easythreed e3d nano structure review

It is fitted with a single extruder and a nozzle with a 0.4 mm diameter which can offer a print accuracy of 0.1-0.2 mm at a print speed in the range of 10-40 mm per second. Yes, the E3D Nano is no speed demon but it more than makes up for its slower speed with impressive print results, provided you have the patience to work with it and keep your expectations realistic, considering that it is, after all, a budget offering.

Addition of features like auto calibration makes it a device that offers great value for money. Another great feature of this compact 3D printer is its variable bed size that offers two distinct print volumes – 90x110x70 mm and 90x80x45 mm. This is made possible by the ability of the hotend to print from above the framing. The near noise-free operation of this printer also enhances its suitability as a device that can be used in classrooms as well as inside the living room or bedroom of your home.

easythreed e3d nano build volume review

With the level of noise produced by standard 3D printers, it is near impossible to teach children with print jobs running in the background, or get anything done around the house while the printer is working. The smooth, vibration-free movement makes the E3D Nano free of these annoying noises.

The one thing that this device is missing is the LCD screen. To operate this E3D Nano, you need to insert the SD card and then work with the printer button on the frame. The printer can be controlled via the files uploaded to the SD card or through a PC via USB or COM cables. The E3D Nano also does not offer a versatile print material support and is compatible only with the PLA filament.

Print Performance

At first, the Easythreed E3D Nani can seem like a printer lacking fine tolerances and ability to print with accuracy. However, the key to printing well with the E3D Nano is working with its slicer software, Easyware, smartly. The slicer software comes in two modes – one key (basic) mode and a custom mode with advanced print settings. When working with simple designs, you can get pretty accurate results with finesse and detail even by slicing the designs using the one key mode.

The complex designs, of course, turn out better when done using the advanced print settings. EasyThreed has also rolled out a new version of its E3D Nano that comes with insulated feet and a more powerful motor. These two new additions work very well to enhance the overall quality of prints.


The E3D Nano by Easythreed is the perfect beginner set to spark imagination and a quest for learning 3D printing in young minds. At its price range, it’s definitely an impressive machine packed with loads of remarkable features that translate into quality prints. If you are looking for a 3D printer that you can work with alongside your kids or students, look no further. The E3D Nano fits the bill perfectly.

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