Mobile app ideas – marketing strategy!

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It goes without saying that if you want to become a kick-ass android apps developer, you need at the very least to understand the needs and expectations of the end user of Android devices, be it smartphones or a car whose system is powered by Android (yes, today android is powering almost anything you can think of technology-wise).

Minae, a good friend of mine way way back in Thika High school butchered a wise man’s saying with

if you want to be a good fisherman, you’ve got to think like a fishTweet: if you want to be a good fisherman, you've got to think like a fish

– not exactly sure where he plagiarized this analogy from but let it linger in our minds for the duration of this conversation.

In lay man’s language this basically means that understanding the end user’s needs is a huge part of this marketing strategy but that alone wont be as effective as it should be because once you create that ‘almighty’ android app, you need a brilliant marketing strategy that ensure your product reaches the intended audience. This is a factor that most developers way too often fail to take into consideration when setting the ground work for creating a great android app.

To add on to that, the competition for creating android apps has in recent months become very stiff and while more young people are coming up with brilliant ideas for apps and actually putting work into creating impressive android apps, with competition from leading corporations in this field, it is virtually impossible for a potential user to find about your app and spend money on it. But am going offer you tips on how to get yourself noticed even within a saturated app market.

Recent studies have revealed that the market for android apps has gone up in recent years but unless you employ a good strategy on how to get your product information seen by potential buyers you’ll simply be shooting arrows in the dark hoping for a good hunt while all the ducks had migrated and are out of season.

It is common to use Google Adwords and similar services to promote your new app, but you should also try to promote your android apps through unconventional means like blogging on your unique site or even by vlogging on YouTube with entertaining videos.
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