Tesla Cybertruck windows cracking was not accidental

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Do you really believe the Cybertruck’s windows were not meant to break?

Tesla Cybertruck windows meant to break

I just couldn’t believe how the tesla owners’ community, news channels, publishers, financial media believe it’s one of those “oops” moments and was embarrassing.

In any ordinary business conference meeting, we make sure there are two microphones, we make sure there are spare batteries, etc. A multi-billion dollar enterprise launching a product that can make or break the company, where hundreds of people prepared the event over several months. Such an iconic act and you believe this was a mistake? You can be damn sure if this was not intended, that glass would not have broken.

Then why would they do this? Its called “Guerrilla Marketing”. Tesla’s marketing team is great at this and so is Elon Musk.

Give the world something to talk about, and what’s tastier than a super successful CEO getting his pants pulled down live on stage? People will swallow it whole. Look at twitter, youtube, it’s over the whole internet. And not only the window stunt was marketing brilliance, but the whole car is also part of a marketing strategy.

Look at it, it’s single objective is to make a fuss, to stand out, to make sure it will be talked about. Now imagine they would have shown one of the predicted boring ‘anal’ designs, imagine no window would have gone broke, it would have been the whiff of the day. Now, they have the world’s attention, and people will be talking about it for a long time. You don’t think they would go this far? Think again, these marketing folks at Tesla don’t earn 6 to 7 figure salaries for nothing.

Tesla has achieved enormous brand awareness so far without spending a penny on ads and I am super proud of this company and how they execute marketing strategy just blows my mind.

We should all be proud owners at the moment and not criticize the design and laugh at this made-up epic failure in the live event, but we should appreciate their marketing creativity here.