TEVO Tornado Review: Full Aluminum Frame Printer with a Large Build Volume

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The Tevo Tornado 3D Printer

Tevo Tornado, the latest DIY 3D printer kit to be released by Tevo, is a Cartesian-style 3D printer with a large build volume of 300x300x400 mm.

The real draw for this 3D printer has been its near assembled full aluminum frame, dual Tevo Titan Extruder feature, and an auto-leveling bed with BL Touch.

Tevo Tornado 3D Printer Review

This new offering from Tevo has been modestly priced at under $400 and is being touted as a viable alternative to Creality CR-10s, and that’s saying something about this 3D printer’s potential given the huge fan base that the Creality CR-10s enjoys among the 3D printing community.

Unboxing and setting up the Tevo Tornado

The TEVO Tornado 3D printer arrives in a bulky carton that can seem a little rough around the edges. Considering the large build volume of the TEVO Tornado, the enormous package size is hardly a surprise.

Inside, everything is neatly arranged in black colored foam trays and the outer carton sealed with sturdy TEVO tapes.

Upon opening the box, you are greeted by a bright red build surface for the print bed the words Tornado imprinted on it, along with the instruction manual that looks pretty glossy and fairly detailed with a pictorial depiction of the assembly process, at least on the first glance.

Tevo Tornado 3D Printer Design Review

The package contains different components of the TEVO Tornado printer kit, necessary tools for assembly, SD card, spare nozzle, zip ties, spare thermal resistors, USB cable, a spatula to get the prints off, and a Bowden tube.

The assembly manual is fairly detailed and has important inputs on small steps such as putting together the gantry correctly, which can be a big savior for newbies.

It is one of the rare 3D printer DIY kits where you don’t really have to rely on the instructions loaded on the SD card or online videos for assembling the printer.

The fact that the TEVO Tornado comes 95 percent pre-assembled is definitely a factor here but the well-written instruction manual has to be credited for it too.

Assembling the TEVO Tornado is fairly simple, and basically, it just requires screwing different parts together with the help of the nuts, bolts, screws and other tools included in the package.

This should not take more than 20 minutes for anyone who has had some experience of working with DIY 3D Printer kits in the past.

Build Quality of the Tevo Tornado

The first thing that you notice about the TEVO Tornado is the strapping all-aluminum frame that gives it great structure and stability.

As we have seen in the past, the stability of the printer’s body has a far-reaching impact on the overall print quality and going by the look and feel of the TEVO Tornado, one can hope for promising results.

Tevo Tornado Build quality

The hardware such as the springs and all-metal thumb nuts used on this printer is top-notch and definitely of superior quality than that used in other 3D printers in the segment.

The TEVO Tornado’s single lead tube and the Bowden extruder has a better finish and quality than most other 3D printers.

Wires meant for the extruder and the heated bed come with pre-built connections, which not only cuts down the assembly time but also enhances the functionality of this machine.

On the other hand, the overall quality of the wiring coming out of the control unit fails to match the quality offered by TEVO in other elements.

Even though all the different wires have been duly labeled and encased in a plastic tube, the quality of the wires, as well as the tube used to cover them, is flimsy at best.

The heated bed here is AC powered, quite a deviation from the standard norm.

Also, the screws used for fastening the print bed are not countersunk, and thus, eat into the bed space even if marginally. What’s interesting to note is that the print bed is provided with an insulation layer underneath that helps in heating up the bed faster.

The standard buttons in the control unit have been replaced with knobs and that does not enhance the machine in any way, at least as far as the aesthetics are concerned.

Tevo Tornado 3D printer Features

The TEVO Tornado is best known for two of its key features – ease of installation owing to its largely pre-assembled structure and a large print volume of 300x300x400 mm.

For a 3D printer offering such a large build volume, the TEVO Tornado looks and feels like a fairly compact machine that does not eat up a lot of space.

Another highlight of this 3D printer is its inclusion of TEVO Titan Extruder in its dual extruder design which not only brings lightness to the prints but also contributes immensely to the printer’s performance.

Tevo Tornado 3D Printer Features Review

The TEVO Titan Extruder is all about bringing the universal extrusion experience to everyone. In addition to this, the extruders retain their Bowden style but sport an improved hot end design.

It comes with a 0.4 mm diameter nozzle capable of supporting a material diameter of 1.75mm and scaling a maximum print speed of 150 mm per second. The TEVO Tornado supports a wide range of filament materials such as PLA, PVA, PETG, ABS, carbon fiber, flexible filaments, and wood.

Print Quality

The large print volume makes it an ideal device for working with large prints. The stability of the print bed and the auto-leveling feature eliminate the need to level the bed, time and again between or during print jobs, which is quite a relief when working on long-running print jobs.

tevo tornado print quality

The TEVO Tornado offers high accuracy and printing quality of up to 50 microns across the range of filaments, making it ideal for 3D printing functional designs.

Besides standard 3D printing models, the Tornado can also be used to create toy models, architectural designs, product structure designs, fashion and jewelry design, spare parts, educational models, and items of daily necessities.


The Tornado is an enviable 3D printer by every measure and is here to give some of the long-standing favorites a serious run for their money.

It delivers in terms of looks, stability, build quality, and performance, and does so without burning a hole in your pocket. All in all, a promising device for seasoned 3D printing enthusiasts and beginners alike.