TronXY X5S Review: Delivers Well on High Precision 3D Printing Promise

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The TronXY X5S

The X5S from TronXY is a DIY 3D printer kit with a large print capacity of 330x330x400mm and the only model by the company to sport a CoreXY design.

Given these features, this 3D printer priced at a mere $279 has ‘value-for-money’ written all over.

For the uninitiated, Core XY or CoreYX refers to a design approach that incorporates stationary X and Y stepper motors that work in tandem to move the hot end of the printer along the X and Y axes.

tronxy x5s review 3d printer

This design approach eliminates vibration in the printer’s structure when a print job is in progress, as both stepper motors are in a state of inertia.

It is this lack of vibration that contributes toward the high precision printing that the TronXY X5S is best known for. The all-metal cube-like structure further adds to its stability, performance and print quality.


Setting Up the TronXY X5S

The X5S is shipped from China and may take anywhere between a week and 10 days to arrive. If you have assembled 3D printer kits before, putting together the X5S will be a breeze.

The instruction manual for assembly is pre-loaded on the accompanying USB drive, and the instructions are detailed and on point more often than not.

tronxy x5s review 3d printer setup

You may have to resort to a bit of hit and trial whenever the instructions are not too clear, but such instances are few and far between and even newbies can figure their way around this printer with a bit of tinkering around.

For anyone who has a general idea about how to put together a DIY printer kit, this should take under four hours. Even though it is marketed as a DIY kit, quite a few parts in the X5S come pre-assembled, which cuts back the assembly time significantly.

However, you’ll come across a few glaring jumble-ups in this printer’s wiring during the assembly phase. These are hard to overlook.

First and foremost is the low-quality thermostat wire for the build plate that either does not work right from the beginning or gives away during the first few print jobs.

This can also pose a safety hazard if taken lightly.

tronxy x5s review 3d printer filament setup

The overall wire management is quite messy too. The wire connected with the X-axis, for instance, is too short and interferes with the movement of the build plate.

With wires coming in and out from every direction on this printer, using wire wraps to organize them is another challenge.

You may need to invest in extensions or replace the wires with new, better quality variants to get the optimum print performance out of your X5S.

Other than that, the printer does not pose any issues during the setup process.


Features and Specs of the X5S 3D Printer

The X5S is clearly the best large-format 3D printer from TronXY.

Even though the company has rolled out an upgraded version of the Tron XY X3S, it doesn’t quite compare with the performance of the X5S, which has a sturdy 330x300x400mm heated print bed working to its advantage. tronxy x5s features specs review The X5S has a definite edge here, as it offers a more superior print quality in comparison to most other TronXY offerings, be it the updated X3S or its predecessor, the X5, which not only had a smaller heated bed but was also supported by a linear Z-axis lead rod on just one side.

The dual Z-axis lead rods in the X5S go a long way in adding stability to its large print bed and rule out the problems of a wobbly structure and vibrations interfering with the print quality.

While this remains one of the most significant improvements in the X5S, it comes with plenty of other updated features and design elements that make it aspirational for anyone aiming for large volume prints.

The most outstanding of its many benefits is the sturdy design, once the DIY kit is fully assembled. The cube-like frame of this printer adds to its rigidity a great deal.

Another key improvement made by TronXY with the X5s is shifting large components such as the PSU and the main board to the frame instead of placing them in a separate console box.

This also makes the overall structure more compact, making the X5S less space-consuming than its other large-format counterparts.

The X5S is an FDM 3D printer fitted with a single extruder, a Bowden extruder drive, Melzi board, and an MK2a heated bed.

It comes with v-slot aluminum extrusions and a 0.4mm nozzle capable of processing a filament 1.75 mm in diameter at a speed range of 20-150 mm per second.

In addition to the dual 8mm lead rods (stepper motors), the structure is supported by pulley bearings on its X and Y axes.


X5S’ Print Performance

The X5S 3D printer is capable of giving out some very impressive print results, even without any tweaks or upgrades of any kind.

It combines the best of both world – pulley bearing and linear bearing – in between its three axes, where the X and Y carriages are powered by pulley bearings whereas the Z-axis uses linear LM8UU bearings.

This reflects in the printing accuracy of this machine, as the linear bearing contributes toward high-precision and quicker prints.

It won’t be wrong to say that TronXy has found the perfect middle ground between printing accuracy and practicality with the X5S.

The X5S is capable of delivering high-quality print results even with print speed going up to 100 mm per second.

If you want to print faster than that, you may have to compromise on the quality of the end product a little. It is also important to pay attention to the installation of boards and drivers for a seamless printing experience with the X5S.


The TronXY X5S is hands down, one of the best budget offerings in the large format 3D printer segment, offering a print capacity of 330x330x400 mm at just $279.

The CoreXY design seen in the X5S is something absolutely unheard of in the sub-$300 categories of DIY 3D printer kits. The cube frame, which adds great stability to the whole structure, is also a big plus here.

Of course, the X5S has its share of shortcomings and flaws, as is the case with any other printer in this category.

It is a machine that requires some upgrades and improvements to be able to deliver prints worthy of its real potential, because of which it may not be the ideal pick for your first 3D printer.

For anyone with some experience and knowledge of the dynamics of 3D printing, the X5S is highly recommended.