Twitter limits and strategies for 2020

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In order to avoid recurring downtime, error pages and to reduce spam, Twitter has set certain limits in place. This isn’t anything new, Instagram has its limits too as well as other mainstream social platforms.

Most social media platforms will not tell you their limits. Twitter, however, has made public its limits. These will change from time to time and we’ll continue to update this article as they change.

So, here are some of Twitter’s limits that we’re going to cover in this article:

  • Twitter daily follow limit
  • Twitter daily DM limit
  • Daily tweet limit
  • Daily unfollow limit
  • Limit to number of accounts a phone number is allowed

Twitter Limits

Twitter follow limit per day

According to Twitter’s latest limits, you can follow up to 400 per day. However, from my own experience, this figure isn’t always true and will depend on a few other factors.

I’ve noticed that when I unfollow on my phone and keep it to a maximum of 50/hr, I’m usually able to follow up to 400 by the end of the day. This figure changes when I perform many other activities.

For instance, when I unfollow and DM other accounts, I’m only able to follow between 250 – 300/day. If you want to follow on your phone and reach the daily maximum limit, it’s probably a good idea to plan for days when you’ll only be performing the follow actions and have other days set to perform other activities.

For the past few months, I’ve been automating my Twitter activities (using Jarvee) including the ‘follow’ action and for some reason, I’m only able to avoid getting my accounts suspended or being made to phone-verify them if I keep the maximum follow limit at 150/day. I personally run close to 200 accounts in different niches and I use one proxy for every 3 accounts max.

All my Twitter accounts running on Jarvee are able to follow, unfollow and DM users when I stick to these limits. If you’re automating your Twitter activities and are unable to reach my Twitter limits, usually, the quality of proxies you’re using might be the reason why.

Twitter daily DM limit

The DM (Direct Message) limit according to Twitter is set at 1000/day. 1000 DMs/day is obviously a little too many for an individual to perform. You’d literally need to DM 125 times an hour if you work for 8 hours in order to reach the daily limit.

I have set my daily DM limits on Jarvee at 100 – 120/day for all my accounts. At the end of the day, all my 200+ accounts usually complete at least 100 DMs, that’s a minimum of 20,000 DMs sent out per day from all my Twitter accounts.

Daily tweet limit

The daily tweet limit is currently set at 2400/day according to Twitter. This means you’re allowed to tweet about 300 times an hour if you’re working for 8hrs non-stop. This isn’t very feasible for a normal human being, obviously, and if you really need to tweet that many times, going the automation way would make more sense.

Daily unfollow limit

Twitter has not yet made public how many users you’re allowed to unfollow. I like to keep it slightly higher than my follow limits. This way, at any given time, the number of users following my accounts will always be higher than that my accounts are following. This is solely for aesthetic purposes but it also helps to avoid getting rate limited by Twitter.

Sorry you are rate limited Twitter error

Sorry you are rate limited Twitter‘ and ‘Twitter sorry you are rate limited‘ are among the most searched for Twitter error related keywords on search engines.

This error usually comes up when you’re following way too many users than are following you. You’ll notice that when your followings fall below 4545 users you won’t be able to follow more than 5000 users.

The solution to this Twitter rate limit is to unfollow some and follow others who will likely follow you back. Once you’ve crossed the 4545 – mark, you should be able to follow more than 5000 users.

Again, Jarvee easily takes care of this.

Limit to number of accounts a phone number is allowed

Twitter says you can have up to 10 Twitter accounts attached to one phone number. However, if you’re creating a lot of accounts within a short time, you might get an error telling you that the number you’re trying to use is in use by another user.

This error will normally go away if you give it some time.

So there you have it! We’ll continue to update this article whenever new changes to Twitter limits are introduced. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions and need some assistance.