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AT’s simple mission is to help you improve and enjoy your life more with technology. This means that AT’s dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the best new hardware and apps and helping you to choose the right stuff for your needs. And once you’ve downloaded an app or bought an Android device we will help you get the best from it with essential tips and advice. 

Whether it’s a rumor about exciting new products, in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest Android phones, tablets and other devices, recommendations of the best apps to download today or tips to help you get more from Android, you’ll find it all on

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Who we are

Android Tipster was built by a passionate blogger with years of experience in the tech field, and an avid fan of the Android operating system. Since December of 2020 the blog was purchased by Alony Media and our dedicated team of editors and writers have been managing the site from there. You can learn more about Alony Media here

The Writing team 

What started as a one man blog is now a part of the a thriving publisher which means the editorial team will grow. As of right now, we have 2 dedicated writers for Android Tipster: 

Jakaria – Jakaria is a well experience blogger and writer in the tech niche. He has a knack to creating well thought out guides on how to do pretty much anything that is related to tech. On this site, he focuses on guides for phones that run Android. 

Ksenija – Ksenija is an experienced editor working with Alony Media for years now. She joins Jakaria on the team for this site to make sure what we put out here is updated, and accurate. 

About Alony Media 

Alony Media is a digital media company ( a Digital Publisher ) that specialize in content creation in the Tech niche and other related niches. With more than 15 years of experience in creating content that people actually want to read, Alony Media was able to establish itself as a leading digital publisher that helps 2.5MM people from across the world and growing. 

Our approach is to establish a unique and custom built team for every site that we build or manage and Android Tipster is no different. Our team of dedicated tech savvy writers are working hard behind the scenes to give you the best tips and advice on all things Android. 

With offices in the United States and Israel, Alony Media is committed to a long term view of our brands and content that will last the test of time. 

If you need to contact us in anyway you can do so on the Contact Us page here or just email us directly at: [email protected]