Current main features:

  • Follow users
  • Generate various graphs about your followers like gender distribution, follower engagement, posts per week and much more.
  • View how you can optimize your posts based on tags used which result in highest engagement.
  • Determine the best time to post based on the engagement of your pictures.
  • Lot’s of filters for scraping users
  • Schedule by day and by hour. (So you can say e.g. to only follow users on Monday between 5-6 and 8-9)
  • And lot’s of smaller hidden stuff left out for you guys to discover
  • Track users you interacted with, so you can see exactly who followed you back and what the reason was (e.g. filter uses was #love)

instagram automation

instagram automation 2

instagram automation 3


  • Currently, the max allowed accounts is 10
  • Accounts support proxies (If you intend to run more than 5 accounts make sure to use dedicated proxies)
  • Some buttons are disabled, these have not been implemented yet.
  • You can only run one instance of this tool if you wish to run multiple instances simply run the tool with the argument “-mull”

This is a beta version. The full version with more features will be released in the next few weeks.


  • Windows machine with .Net 4.5 or later installed.
  • An Internet connection
  • Instagram account

UPDATE 16.10.2017

Some exciting news: The full version has been released with a lot more features added to it.

Get it here