Watch Apple’s leaked electric car video

Apple’s electric car has been leaked. As it turns out, the company had been secretly working on a much bigger project than their annual smartphone flagships. You might have heard about Tesla’s electric car that comes with the auto-drive feature. Apparently, the two giants have been in competition with each other for months on end. But unlike Tesla, Apple wasn’t bothered to reveal their prototype up until the leak.

Both Apple and Tesla are reportedly robbing each other of employees working on these projects, so you shouldn’t be surprised when apple’s electric car comes out and there’s a lot of similarities between the two.

Apple’s electric car is expected to be released in 2019 and rumors¬†doing rounds say they’re offering skilled vehicle developers $250,000 signing bonuses to come work with them. They’re not commenting on the leaked video, as you would expect.

But was this a mere coincidence¬†or an orchestrated leak, seeing as it came out around the very same time as Norway announced it’s making plans to ban all non-electric cars by the year 2025? You be the judge.

Watch the leaked video below.