5 Best Android Custom ROMs to Customize Your Android Device

If you have an Android device and call yourself a hardcore Android fan, I bet the real reason you love Android is because of its highly customizable properties. An Android phone can be easily rooted in order to unlock its true potential. One big advantage of owning an Android device is that you are not restricted to the crabby stock ROMs which manufacturers load with a bunch of crabwares and ugly looking skins and launchers. If your android device is rooted (which in most of the cases is an easy thing to do), you can easily install any custom ROM having features of your choice and preferences.

We’ll not go into all the details about the advantages of modding your android device with a custom ROM but if you made your mind to shift to custom ROM from your slow and crabby Stock ROM then this entry was written just for you. This is an ultimate list of best Android custom ROMs which you can install on your Android Device.

But be careful since all android devices are different, always make sure to find one specifically manufactured for your device. Installing custom ROM on your Android device is not as simple as installing Windows or Linux on any PC or laptop. The ROM must be compatible with your device. There’s a great community of Android ROM developers on the Internet, the XDA Developers. Just search for your device with the exact model number and you’ll get many related Threads about your device. XDA-developers is a great community where you can easily find developers porting ROMs to your device even if your device is tagged unsupported by the official Custom ROM manufacturer such as CyanogenMod. Also first check the custom ROM provider’s website for downloading stable and official custom ROM for your device. They also provide instructions to flash the custom ROM to your device.

So here’s the list of best Android Custom ROM Providers.


Best android Custom ROMs (CyanogenMod) Cyanogen is the most popular Android ROM which is being used by millions of people around the world. CyanogenMod ROMs are certainly the most stable and are updated regularly. Cyanogen ROMs are pretty close to stock Android in look and feel though they have many good and advanced features. The launcher, app drawer, and settings menus are almost similar to the pure stock android, but few advanced features such as file manager and a better camera app make all the difference. CM has powerful tweaks in the settings menu, you can customize your ROM exactly how you want it. It offers deep level hardware customization under performance settings which can speed up your phone.

The best thing about CyanogenMod is it is stable and have a large community of developers. Often times it is even more stable than the stock ROM that ships with a brand new android device.

You can find the ROM for almost any android device you can think of. These ROM are updated daily until the stable version attained. These ROMs are marked as “nightly builds”. The stable ROMs are marked as “RC” (Release Candidate) and the most stable ROMs which are free from all bugs are marked as “Stable”. You can get the CM rom for your device.

Paranoid ROMs

Paranoid Android ROM

In terms of look and feel Paranoid is not so different from CyanogenMod, also you’ll see the same minor tweaks to performance as you can find on CM. But Paranoid comes with a big bonus: Hybrid Mode. You can scale certain on-screen elements to make them bigger or smaller using Hybrid mode.

Paranoid also gives you the complete control over your color scheme. Full list of supported device can be found on their website.



As the name suggests these ROMs are slim, means they have minimum bloatware apps and offers the minimalist design which is similar to Pure Stock Android. The best thing about these ROMs is that they are simple and fast. The emphasis here is on simplicity, it doesn’t confuse users with tons of tweaks and settings. It also has inbuilt update app which checks the internet for latest updates and if found it updates itself. You can check list of supported devices and download SlimRom.

AOKP (Android Open Kang Project)

AOKP custom ROM

AOKP ROMs are for serious android fans and modders. These ROMs are best suited to those who have better technical know-how about how android works. AOKP ROMs offers a number of interesting features, you can customize your shortcuts and change the color scheme and even can alter the blink rate of your LED notifications.

With several performance tweaks and settings this ROM allows you to completely customize your device as per your needs. You can check your device’s compatibility from their Website.



The PAC-man ROM is the most feature packed ROMs which you can find. Thy are called PAC-man for a reason. That’s because they are hybrid of Paranoid, AOKP and CyanogenMod thus name PAC-man. With the features of all three (Paranoid, AOKP, and CyanogenMod) these ROMs are the most feature-packed ROMs but, however, they are a bit unstable. Here’s the list of all supported devices.

So these are the 5 best Android custom ROMs which you can use to get rid of your slow and bulky Stock ROM shipped with your device. If you have any question feel free to use the comment section below.

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