Top Color Switch cheats to score your highest yet!

Most Effective Color switch cheats

We’ll talk about Color Switch cheats in a minute, let’s start with the basics. Color switch is an app, rising in popularity across all playable devices. It has a unique ability to have you, the player, at various highs and lows throughout. The game has been created to test your patience and your skill. Getting accustomed to the game is very tricky, but when you get the hang of it, it gets really really great fun.

Color switch is a relatively new mobile game available for download for iPhones via the app store and for Android Phones via the Google Play Store. The addicting game is currently amongst the top 15 apps across all categories in the app store, deemed the number one addictive game of the year!

How To Play Color Switch

color switch cheats and hacks The aim of the game is very simple, carefully tap the ball through each obstacle. But be careful, the ball will change color every time you pass through an obstacle. You also must match the color pattern of your ball with the obstacle, in order to pass through. If you pass them through the wrong color, you will have to start again.

Sounds simple, right?

On paper – yes. In practice – not so much.

You see, as you pass each obstacle, anticipating the next, you may have to float in the air until you can wait for the right color to present itself. So basically, you have to repeatedly tap the ball to keep it suspended mid-air, without touching the previous obstacle or the next one to keep yourself alive.

The obstacles constantly move and turn in different directions and speeds, not to mention numerous obstacles can be paired together at once. These obstacles come in different shapes and sizes, from spinning circles to pillars swiping across the screen.

Scoring System In Color Switch

The scoring system is pretty straightforward after you pass each obstacle you gain a point. Try not to die and earn as high a score as possible, the current high score is 1000 – good luck.

Unfortunately, there are no in-game purchases for this app, so it is really up to your raw talent to score as highly as possible.

The good news is, we’ve listed below a list of color switch cheats, tips and tricks you can follow to score as highly as possible.

Cheats For Color Switch

color switch cheats The game is very frustrating, but with these cheats hopefully, your color switch experience will be a little less painful. No promises though! 😉

  • Patience

Yes, probably the most basic but effective among all color switch cheats, patience. Don’t be afraid to wait from time to time, because you will have to, it is necessary to wait it out for the right color to pass by before you can proceed and pass each obstacle. So be sure not to jump the gun and rush into it. There is no need since there are no time limits.

  • Brace Yourself

Slow the game down and learn the movement pattern of the game, get a good pace going. Before each obstacle, it is a good idea to brace yourself. To do this, tap gently to keep yourself floating in the air. That way, you can take a breather and have a look at what’s up next. Consider the obstacle, how fast it is going, what directions it is turning, how big is it, is it possible for you to pass without touching the obstacle at all, and many more aspects.

  • The Power Of The Pause

Get to know the pause button, it could become a helpful friend. If you need to stop playing the game for whatever reason, don’t fret. Simply pause the game and close the app, that way when you come back you can unpause the app and pick up where you left off. Be sure not to quit the game, because that way you will lose your progress and have to start all over again. It’s a good idea to try pausing the game at lower levels where there is nothing at stake, close the app and come back to see if you can continue the tempo of the game.

Also, when you unpause the app start tapping so that you don’t immediately fall to your death. Remember, there is no save button and there is no time limit!

  • Mute

The tunes are pretty sweet, yes. But if you plan on going full try hard you may want to turn them down or off completely. As good as the beats are, to put all your energy into getting a new high score and beating your friends, color switch requires all the attention you have. By muting the sound you can focus completely on the game with no distractions at all.

Also, try to play the game in a quiet environment if possible, if you really want to optimize your scoring, with no background noise or anything else that might agitate you.

  • Learn The Game

When you first download the game, just start playing. There is no better way to get to know all the obstacles than simply experiencing the game first hand, and trust me – you will need to. There are only a certain number of obstacles that could possibly come up at any time, so it’s a good idea to keep playing the game numerous times to get to know the game.

The pattern of obstacles is never the same but is it to be noted that the obstacles do seem to get harder the higher you score.

  • Pass Through Space

This is the last pointer in our list of Color Switch Cheats.

When you are tapping in between obstacles you stay alive, going through plain air won’t kill you in this game. So, if you can pass obstacles without having to go inside of them, then do it. Not every obstacle will allow for this and some of them you will just have to master.

However, there are certain obstacles that make it possible to go around, with openings in between, if you are fast enough you can zoom through. As long as you don’t touch the wrong color you, then you will stay alive.

Color Switch is one of the most addictive and frustrating games out there, but it is an enjoyable challenge. Be sure to have a go if you haven’t already and take note of these tips and tricks to ensure you score as highly as possible!