What are ATX form factors and the benefits of ATX form factor motherboards?

Standardization of Hardware is one of the greatest strengths of a laptop. In the same way, not all the motherboards are created equal. These are not even of the same size therefore different form factors have been assigned to different motherboards to know the physical size and configuration of the motherboard or to know whether it is compatible with your system or not. So, to decide which motherboard will you need, you need to consider the space of the gaming computer as well as the performance that you want. 

ATX form factors motherboard

So, what is an ATX form factor?

To distinguish motherboards, these have been standardized with the help of the form factors. The full form of ATX is advanced technology extended. It has been developed by Intel in 1995. It was a replacement of older form factors such as older AT and Baby AT. It has replaced the AT style of motherboards that have been present there in the world for many years. Processor and memory slots are the biggest change in the ATX form factor motherboards when compared to the AT motherboards present at that time. It allows the user to throw in full length of expansion cards in cases. Currently, all motherboards are designed by Intel. 

Do you know the motherboard has been designed to use the newest Intel processors to get high processing speed? That is why ATX motherboards have been accepted widely by all the companies producing mass production for companies as well as home PCs. Nowadays, almost all personal computers have been produced using ATX motherboards. 

Case design and ATX motherboards:

The ATX case design is somewhat similar to the baby and older AT case designs. Most of the ATX motherboards from left to right, stacked keyboard, USB ports, input and output connectors, and two serial ports.  

What are the several advantages of the ATX motherboards?

  1. These motherboards contain the advanced control facilities where the BIOS program checks the temperature of the processing unit, and the cooling fan so that the computer would not shut down because of the overheating. Therefore, the advanced control facilities stop the computer from getting shut down. 
  2. There is a stacked input-output connector panel is present on the motherboard that is used to connect the input and output devices. 
  3. On a 7ATX socket motherboard, the socket is placed at a distance from the expansion slot. Therefore the longboards or the expansion cards can be placed easier in the motherboard. 
  4. Power management is also possible in this type of motherboard system. 
  5. The relocation of the memory unit and the processing unit allows proper ventilation and easier installation in the ATX motherboards. 
  6. Now, if your computer hangs or freezes and the processing unit does not work then you can turn off it to hold the power button for at least 3 seconds. This will help restart the computer and can continue the work according to one’s choice. 
  7. The power supply is controlled by the mainboard so you will get more convenience in using the PC system. 
  8. The ATX power supplies and motherboards first function on 3.3 volts or lower instead of 5 volts. Therefore lower power consumption is also one of the biggest advantages you can have. 
  9. These motherboards are of lower cost while consuming lower energy. It also reduces heat production. 
  10. If you want to get a computer system for series gaming then again the computer system with the ATX form factor is a good option for you. It is because of the reason that the processing unit of the system is higher.  

These are the several advantages of the ATX form factor. Most of the standard ATX motherboards come with the four DIMM slots. Therefore you will get the chance of the memory expansion with these slots.