Gboard: Google pokes at Apple by releasing a ‘Googleable’ Keyboard for iOS only.

The search engine giant steps in the keyboard apps market by launching the all-new Gboard. Also, to tease the SmartPhone giant, Apple, Google has made the Gboard available only for iOS users.

If you are an iOS user, you can download the Gboard app from iTunes now, for free of course.

To explain more about the new keyboard App, watch this official video by Google.

What’s new with Gboard?

  1. Search. Yes, you can search from inside the keyboard; without leaving the application, you’re using and without using any buggy Google Now! Just hit the “G” button and search Google from inside the keyboard itself.
  2. Gifs and Emojis. For the first time in history, Google is going to care for your emotions! You can search for emojis and gifs and then send them.
  3. More Search! Search for flights, restaurants, maps, routes, etc. within the keyboard and also send it to the other person you may be chatting with!
    The search function seems so damn useful, how couldn’t we think of it earlier.
  4. Swipe Support. Like you would expect from any other new keyboard, the Gboard also comes with the swipe support. Gilde your finger through the letters and your words will appear on the text bar.

Gboard for Android?

I know, you might already be thinking about the availability of Gboard for Google’s own Android Operating System. But I am sorry to burst your bubble; there’s no news for Android users.

Google officially has not ‘yet’ announced anything about Gboard for Android.

But wait. We have exclusive news for you.

There’s Google Now on Tap for Android Marshmellow users, which can be switched on and off.

The Now on Tap feature on Android Marshmellow seems pretty similar to the Gboard for iOS.

Till then as we wait for any official updates from Google, check out our list of best keyboards for Android for the year 2016.

To know more about Now on Tap, visit Google Support.