With the ever changing times and the prices of laptops at a reasonable price these days, people are now dropping their desktops in favor of the portable option of laptops. But is that a wise decision? So that brings up the question of Laptop vs. Desktop. Which one is better so you can decide which one to purchase is a difficult one. Hopefully, after reading this information, an informed decision can be made. Below are some parameters on which the difference between Laptop vs. Desktop depends upon:

  1. Pricing: Price was a huge factor for decisions, but now we really don’t think that applies. It used to be the smaller the most expensive. Those times have changed. Laptops can now be bought at prices very similar to desktops and in some models of laptops they can even be cheaper than a desktop. So price now generally reflects on how much you want to spend.
  2. Portability: Do you need a computer to use in different rooms throughout your home, take it on vacation, or take it to work with you? If so then a laptop is the way to go, if not then a desktop will probably be the better choice. Also if you have a smartphone with some of the newest technology, you already have your portable solution, so then again, a desktop would be the way to go. Buid Own Laptop vs Desktop war is like never ending but we should take care of the practical reasons as well.
  3. Upgrading and Repair: Generally, Laptops are not that upgradable. You can increase the ram and hard drives, but that’s about it. Laptops are also usually more expensive to repair also, it comes with the adage “the smaller, the more expensive to repair”.
  • With desktop prices being very reasonable these days, it may be more cost effective than keeping up a laptop. For example, your LCD gets cracking from a drop, or you spill a drink onto the keyboard of your laptop.
  • These are more costly to get repaired than the desktop would be. You can just go to your local store and buy a new monitor and keyboard versus taking your laptop to your local computer repair shop.
  • You have to pay for the parts and then the cost of labor. At that point, you may or may not decide to just scrap it and buy a new laptop, when with a desktop like we have already mentioned, you can just get those things yourself at only the cost of new parts and no labor.

As for upgrades, this is where the desktop shines. It has the most expansion possibilities available on computers. You can expand the memory out to 16GB or more, you can have multiple CD/DVD players, to give you your fix on media options. You can run multiple GPU’s (graphics cards) as well as setting up multiple Hard Drives. So the desktop can give you more bang for your buck.

In conclusion, with a Laptop vs Desktop, the laptops, key advantage is its portability, its disadvantage is its expandability/upgrade limitations. As for the desktop, its key advantage is its expandability/upgrades have no limitations, and its disadvantage is it has no portability. So with this information, hopefully, you can make an informed decision on which product to choose.