What is Com android settings intelligence

If you are an android user, then you might have seen the ‘com android settings intelligence’ on your phone. Typically, it is found on your Files explorer app. That means it is a folder for some files containing something.

Com android settings intelligence

Many of you need clarification about this particular file. You might think that it is a bad file. Or it could damage your phone. Or it is malware. Don’t worry because we will be discussing this in detail in this post.

So here we go…

What is com android settings intelligence on Android

In short, this is an APK (Android Package) name used for a particle settings app. On Android, every app comes with a package name.

For instance, the Gallery app comes with the package name of ‘com android gallery3D’.

With this type of naming scheme, the android system understands which app it is. And the package files of each app are stored on the internal storage system under each folder by the package name.

So this is clear that the particular term is related to an app on android. But which app is it? Normally, it is an app that you will find on your app drawer or phone app list.

Rather, it is working on the background.

According to some, it is an automatic profile switcher on android devices. And this app is system-wide. That is why you cannot uninstall it from your phone.

This particular app is there for other apps to create profiles.

For instance, if you are using a social media app, you can create profiles on your accounts as much as you want. However, that app package helps to create those profiles.

On the other hand, as it is an intelligent setting, it also takes care of many different automatic tasks on your phone.

For instance, the ‘auto brightness’ settings is controlled by the ‘com android settings intelligence’.

Similarly, the auto silent or auto ‘Do not disturb’ option or similar options are controlled by the ‘settings intelligence’ package.

Also, it is a ‘Context-Aware’ app. That means it takes cues from other apps and the overall system to switch between profiles.

How to fix com android settings intelligence Issue

We have to tell you that there is no problem with that certain app running in the background.

So you should not be worried about this. Still, if the problem occurs from time to time, we can offer you some tips to fix this. Here we go…

Method #1 Eject/Format/Change SD Card

If your phone has an external SD card, then the problem might be there. So, you should eject the SD card from your phone first.

After that, you will have to check whether the problem still exists or not. If the problem is not there anymore. Then you should know that the problem is with the SD card.

Com android settings intelligence

So you have to change the SD card. Or you can also format the SD card and re-use it again. That way, you will be able to use your SD card and use the phone without the ‘settings intelligence’ problem.

However, you should remember that formatting your SD card will delete everything from your SD card.

So before formatting your SD card, it is better to take a backup if there is anything important in the SD card.

Method #2 Restart Your Device

We know you are thinking that we are talking about the most obvious thing. But yes, restarting your phone might actually be the solution.

Once you have restarted your phone, check back if the problem is still there or not.

Method #3 Factory Reset Your Device

Now, last of all, you can try to factory reset your phone. But you should keep in mind that, you will lose all the data and files after performing a factory reset.

As a result, you should take a backup of the files on your phone before the factory reset. The process of performing a factory reset is different based on your phone model.

So we cannot share all the different types of methods in this particular article.

It is better if you search on Google for that. Also, we don’t encourage factory resetting your device. We are telling you to this as a last resort.

FAQ about com android settings intelligence

In this section, we will be talking about some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic. And we will also answer those questions in detail for you. So here we go…

Q1: Is com android settings intelligence Malware?

A: No. Rather, it is a very important app package on android.

Com android settings intelligence

Without this, your android phone would not perform to the highest extent. So you should not be worried if it is malware or bloatware.

Q2: Is com android settings intelligence Virus?

A: No. Once again, it is a very important app package on android. It runs in the background automatically when necessary. But it doesn’t harm your phone in any way.

Rather, without this app running in the background, you will not be able to experience the best from your android phone.

Q3: Is com android settings intelligence Activity Bad for my Phone?

A: No. This is not a harmful file or app or activity. On the other hand, it is very helpful for your phone.

It is an automatic profile switcher that helps in automatic task completion in the background of your phone. So you should not worry about the activity of that app.

Q4: Can I Uninstall com android settings intelligence From My Android Phone?

A: Unfortunately, no. You cannot uninstall this app package from your phone. Rather, you should not try to uninstall this app from your phone. Because it is a very important app.

Com android settings intelligence

You cannot uninstall this app package because it is a system app. On the contrary, you might try to root your android device and uninstall this app. But we don’t recommend this at all to you.

Q5: Is com android settings intelligence Available on Every Android Phone?

A: Yes, you will find this app package on every android phone. Of course, it is not available on the app drawer or app list.

Rather, it will still be working on the background to offer you a smooth and best android user experience.

Final Lines

If you are still with us, we can assume that you have read the post. Above, we have tried to explain what com android settings intelligence is. And also we have talked about this particular app in detail.

In addition, we have also answered some frequently asked questions for you regarding this topic. We hope this post has helped you in some way. In that case, you can share it with others.

If you want you can leave your questions and suggestions in the comment box down below.