How to deal with a bad Qi Car Charger

Safety should be there especially when it comes to technology!

The products that have the capability to transfer electrical power can harm your device. It should be the responsibility of a manufacturer to apply appropriate components and implement security measures and at last release in the market.  

Wireless electronic equipment should be undergone special testing because it has more chances to affect a device. Presently, Qi Car Charger has appeared as the more efficient wireless charger especially for mobile phones. People blindly trust this technology.

Qi Car Charger

Earlier, there was one more standard applied in wireless technology but later on, both merged and stand out as Qi car charger in the market. It overtakes some bad evils caused by wired charger because of bad components. 

In meanwhile, some manufacturers call their wireless charger a Qi-certified but actually not. The Wireless Power Consortium, manufacturers of Qi chargers have announced some tests to deal with bad Qi charger. Let see what are they?

Test 1: Qi logo

The Qi logo is used only on certified products like Qi wireless charger. The Qi is a registered symbol decided by the manufacturers. Availability of this logo on your charger shows the originality of the purchased device. 

It is a very simple test but unfortunately, it’s not secure because this logo may be used by fake manufacturers also who just print it on their unfit devices. It can badly influence your device so better to have some patience and go for other tests. 

A wireless charger can be called as QI certified when it belongs to an original brand name, product name and type number registered in the documents. 

 Test 2: Ask for certification of registration

The Wireless Power Consortium has full proof which charger is original and which is fake. They issue a certificate for devices which are Qi-certified. Again, here you have to be a little conscious. You can say a certificate is genuine only when URL encoded on a certificate take you Wireless Power Consortium’s website and show the same wireless charger.  

It is for professional buyers. And at the same, buyers have the right to ask for certification proof when they purchase a wireless charger and look at all mandatory details. 

 Test 3: Verify charger is available in the online Qi-certified product database

The Qi-certified product database has a list of its QI certified chargers. In case, you are not sure of purchase wireless car charger is Qi certified or not, you can verify it by going online. Carefully look at a database of the same brand, product and type names. 

 If the car charger fails to pass any single test, it makes you alert about the bad charger. 

Here is a list that defines the features of Qi-certified charger:

  1. Convenient to carry anywhere
  2. Light in weight and easily adjust in your bag
  3. New car models have an in-built charger

Go through this post and you will get an idea of how to purchase a quality charger for your Android as well iPhone.