Amazon is pulling Fire Phone from the market

fire phone, amazon

It would seem that Amazon has made a drastic withdrawal from the Android cell-phone market. As indicated by Geekwire, the retail monster has pulled its smartphone, the Fire Phone out of the market—most likely for good.

The item page for Amazon’s Android-based cell phone displays the status of both Fire Phone models as “Currently unavailable” with a note clarifying that Amazon doesn’t know when the gadget will be back in stock. A representative for the organization affirmed that the overall supply of Fire Phones has been depleted.

Amazon’s entrance into the cell phone market never picked up a lot of footing. We may have both great and awful things to say in regards to the Fire Phone yet it seems clear that Amazone above else created the Fire Phone as a device to make it more advantageous for individuals to purchase things from Amazon and thus increase sales of Amazon content. I preferred the Firefly visual search feature, however, it wasn’t enough to make the gadget worth purchasing—particularly given that Amazon’s FireOS included yet another ineffective upgrade to the Android world.

Geekwire reports that Amazon sold a consolidated aggregate of 12,960 Fire Phones. The Fire Phone’s lower-than-anticipated deals and frail infiltration into the business apparently prompted initial  reorganization and layoffs in Amazon’s “Lab126,” the hardware development center in charge of the Fire Phone’s outline.

So I guess it’s a goodbye to the Fire Phone even though we barely knew it.