This is Why You Should Not Buy the Samsung Galaxy S8: Red Screen Issue

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones excessive red tint in screens issue

This year’s most-hyped phones, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have taken over the smartphone market by storm. The phone was up for pre-order since April 7 and has already exceeded the 1 million mark within 10 days. Although Samsung has started shipping devices in their home country, it is yet to launch worldwide, not until this Friday. However, it looks like the users in South Korea, who have received the device, are not very happy about it. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones have an excessive red tint in their screens, as per a report that featured on The Korea Herald.

The angry users took to several social medias, including Instagram as well as local forums like Ruliweb and PPomppu, complaining about the red screen issue on their brand new device. Samsung has responded to the complaints, stating that the pinkish tint has nothing to do with hardware. According to the company, you can fix the issue with a simple tweak in the color display settings. However, customers say the reddish screen did not improve even after correcting the settings.

According to Counterpoint Research analyst Neil Shah, the problem lies in the “Deep Red” OLED tech used in phone’s display, that makes the usual white look too reddish, which he calls a “software calibration issue”.

It’s still unclear at this time how widespread the issue is, and whether it can be fixed completely through a software update. What is clear for now is that this problem could result in a bad start for the company. According to a close source, the South Korean company is aiming to sell 60 million units of Galaxy S8, which is more than what was expected for the Galaxy S7 (52 Million).