HomTom HT10 Review – All you need to know

Our opinion of the HomTom HT10

If you’ve been following our reviews, you know how much we love Chinese phones. Thanks to cellphone contracts, North Americans have been getting hosed on mobile phone prices. With imported phones, we can get a mobile device that is made with the exact same components as the American counterparts, and yet is sold for a fraction of the price.

However, there is one small problem with the Chinese phones. Generally, the most affordable ones lag a few months behind the US models. If you’re a technology buff, you probably want to be on the bleeding edge of technology. If this is you, HomTom is just about to release the perfect phone – the HomTom HT10.

First Look

When taking the HomTom HT10 out of the box, the first thing you notice is how well made it is. It’s solid but completely smooth in your hand. Every surface is perfectly curved, and there are no sharp or awkward lines. Once you unlock the phone, you’ll notice that the interface is just as beautiful as the externals. Without a doubt, this is a phone that makes a great first impression.


The screen on the TomTom HT10 is a massive 5.5” display, similar to the ones used on the Galaxy Note series. It’s an LED screen, so color reproduction is excellent. The screen has gorilla glass installed, so it’s extremely durable. This might be a little overkill, as the rounded metal edge already does a great job of protecting the display.


HomTom HT10 If you’re looking for a snappy phone, this is absolutely the one. It has a Helio processor with 10 separate cores. No, that’s not a typo. This is actually one of the first 10 core CPUs on the market. This allows you to keep an endless number of tasks running at the same time with no slowdown or lag. Worried about running out of memory? The HomTom HT10’s got 4gb of fast Samsung ram. Honestly, even the most demanding apps on the market can’t fully take advantage of this hardware yet. However, this means that this phone is ready to handle any apps that are going to be released in the next year or two.


Cheap phones come with an 8 MP camera. High end ones usually have 16 MP or so. But the Homtom HT10 has a whopping 21 MP in the rear camera. Rarely do you need such a high resolution, but there are a few key benefits to having such a large camera. Generally, if you zoom in on the image you’ll find that it turns out grainy and undefined. But with 21 MP, you’ll be able to crop or zoom all you want, and the photos will still be just as clear as if you took them naturally.


HomTom HT10 security Since the phone has so much advanced hardware, HomTom snuck in a few super cool features we don’t see very often. Are you sick of entering your unlock code? Wish there was a faster way to get into your phone? The advanced camera in this phone is used to perform retina unlocking. As long as you’re facing the phone when you power it on (and honestly, who isn’t?) it will scan your retina and make sure it’s you using the phone. Boom, no more unlock code. Obviously, this won’t work if you are wearing sunglasses, but then you still have the option of using the regular unlock code.


If you want the best of the best, the HomTom HT10 is a really cool phone. It’s available for presale right now, so if you act quickly you can snag it for only $200. This is an incredibly good deal for such a powerful phone, we’d highly recommend taking advantage of it while you can. Even if you think this phone is a little overkill for your needs, remember that android is improving every single month. This is a mobile phone that can grow and adapt with the times, so you’re not stuck with a sluggish feeling phone after just a few short years. Grab it today from Amazon.

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