How to Install Console Emulators and Play Retro Games on Your Gaming PC

Console Emulators

In 2019 millions of gamers played retro games for various consoles on their PCs. This trend is continuing to rise and will likely be more and more popular in the future. Now, if you want to do the same, you will need two things and a simple guide. All of that will be explained below. Even if you are completely new in this type of gaming, we will assist you as much as possible. 

Two things you need: Emulators and ROMs

The two things you need to play retro games on any PC are emulator and ROMs. Both things can be downloaded from sites such as Gamulator and they are completely free. These are completely separate things as we will explain below.


  • Emulators


Emulators do what the name says. They emulate. In better words, they will emulate an operating system of a gaming console on a computer. That’s why you can use various emulators which are all based on a simple design and have similar features but emulate completely different operating systems. For instance, one emulator can be used to emulate Sony Play Station 1, while others can be used to emulate NES. There are emulators that emulate multiple systems but usually linked ones such as NES, SNES and etc. 


  • ROMs


ROMs is a game you will download in virtual form. It is a copy of the actual game’s cartridge and it has a simple role, but extremely important. You need the ROM file to load the game and therefore play it. Each ROM is a separate game that can be downloaded separately and it can be opened using a suitable emulator. That being said, you won’t be able to play a ROM game using an inadequate emulator. The best thing is the fact you can download as many ROMs as you like and play them whenever you like.

Play Retro Games on Your Gaming PC

Running the emulator

You may believe that all Windows and Mac software must be installed in order to be used. This is true with ordinary and regular software but not the case with emulators. Emulators, almost most of them come in portable versions. What this means is that they cannot and don’t have to be installed. For many gamers, this is an advantage. You can store it on the desktop and use it as any other file. Anyway, to use the emulator to launch your first ROM you will have to follow these steps.

  1. Download the emulator
  2. Open by clicking on the main icon
  3. Click open or load
  4. Browse and open the ROM file you wish to play
  5. Play the game
  6. Close the emulator when done and open another ROM

If you want to have a well-organized desktop, you will have to add one more step to the process. You will have to place the folder with the emulator files on the hard drive and open it. Go to the main icon which is the icon of the emulator and click on send to. Send it to desktop. What this allows you is to have the main files of the emulator on the hard drive, where other programs are located but the icon will be on the desktop with other software. Now you can click on the icon to launch the program and use it. 


Playing retro games on any PC is more than just easy and simple. You will need around 10 minutes to start playing your first game and to eliminate any limits. Now you are ready to play all the games you like and to enjoy as much as you like.