Waterproof Band: Exactly What You Need to Protect Your Apple Watch

Do you need a watch band that can satisfy the demands of your Apple watch such as full protection? Or simply gather your needs while having water sports activities or just showering?

Considerably, you have just come to the right bit of knowing this IP68 Waterproof Band for Apple Watch. With the release of this band, many people are interested in its execution and how it can protect their Apple Watch. Let’s look at its design and features below.

IP68 Waterproof Band Features

IP68 Waterproof Band

At first glance, one thing that you will notice with this watch band is the waterproof protective case that is designed specifically to secure the Apple Watch case from the waters, dust, scratches, or any debris. It goes with Apple Watch Series 1/2/3 42mm and Series 4 44mm. This is not suitable for the 38 mm models.
The protective case comes with a waterproof band that is both rated IP-68. This means it has guarantee protection in water for up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes. Also, they are resistant to dust.

IP68 Waterproof Band review

So, basically with this rating, you can use this waterproof band and case while you are showering, doing dishes, swimming in the pool, or jogging in the rain. Equally well, the waterproof case works perfectly. Pretty certain, no abrasions on your Apple Watch.

IP68 Waterproof Band apple watch

The protective case also comes with an optical heart rate sensor. Also, you can charge the watch through the base of the protective case. Indeed, great features of a wristband.

IP68 Waterproof Band material


Both the protective case and band are constructed from high-quality silicone. This fabric is soft, comfortable, breathable and environmentally-favorable. Likewise, it is sweat-resistant and a very good insulating material, which gets this band efficiently stand against water.


  • Waterproof – Yes (IP68 Rating)
  • Shockproof – Yes
  • Color – Green, Red, White, Black

Where to Buy

With the price of $165.99, you get the awesome features of this waterproof band for your Apple Watch. The good news is that the band is Up to 70% OFF discount today, you can get it at Amazon.com. Never lose this band and pretty sure you will get a stylish, functional, and durable watch band for your Apple Watch.

The Bottom Line

The waterproof band is absolutely waterproof as tested and tried by many customers. Most of these customers are satisfied with its performance and premium material. Also, they liked how comfortable and lightweight the band on their wrists. To crown it all, they recommend this waterproof band to their friends and families.