5 Reasons to Kill Your Console and Switch to PC Gaming

Console VS PC Gaming

console vs pc gaming

If you’re still a console gamer in 2017, the time is now to make the switch. Sitting behind an awesome keyboard and mouse, you’ll dominate the competition in outstanding 1080p, 1440p, and even 4K resolution. Furthermore, you’ll be sitting next to the gaming machine that you built and customized all on your own.

Not only does PC offer superior graphics and framerates, it’s also cheaper in the long run. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you deserve the most out of your experience. We have five reasons why you should kill your console and switch to PC gaming.

  • PC gaming provides better graphics, resolutions, and higher framerates

That being said, the visual experience of PC gaming is better. Why do PCs run games with higher frame rates and better graphics?

The answer is quite simple.

When you buy a console, you’re buying a piece of hardware that was pre-built by a manufacturer. Every single Xbox has the same hardware inside. Thus, game developers know what hardware they’re working with. They’ll optimize their games to run smoothly on said hardware. However, PC gaming is a whole different animal.

Since all PCs are built differently, the game developers don’t know what hardware to optimize their games for. Instead, they develop the games and expect the PC gamers to have the proper hardware to run the game.

This is why all consoles always run games perfectly, whereas some PC gamers have trouble running demanding games.

That being said, as long as you purchase the right hardware you’ll have no problem running the newest titles in stunning quality.

You can spend $500 on new hardware and have a gaming PC that’ll run games with Ultra settings in 1080p resolution with more than 60 FPS. You can even buy a gaming PC for just $400. If you buy used parts, you’ll get an even better deal.

As you can see, PC gaming doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • PC gaming is flexible

You can choose each part in your build, and design the PC exactly the way you want it. If a part breaks in your PC, simply replace it.

However, if the console breaks, you have to buy a brand new console. You can even customize the way your PC looks, utilizing different cases, components, LEDs, etc.

Building a PC is just part of the experience. After you assemble your custom PC, you can choose the perfect peripherals for you. There are plenty of cool gaming mice, keyboards, monitors, chairs, and awesome gaming desks.

Once your setup is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

  • Your PC is more than a gaming machine

It is capable of video recording, editing, rendering, streaming, web browsing, etc. While a console is only able to play games and stream video, a PC can do so much more. Sometimes people forget a gaming PC can do everything a regular PC can do.

Actually, since the hardware in the PC is faster, it’ll perform even better than a regular gaming PC.

Why spend $500 on a laptop and $500 on an Xbox when you can spend $1000 on a PC that can do both? Remember that a $1000 gaming PC will run games far superior to a console, and it’ll be much faster than a $500 laptop.

Lastly, it consolidates everything into one unit. Instead of gaming on your Xbox and doing everything else on your laptop, you can do it all on your PC. If you have more than one gaming monitor, you’ll be able to do both at the same time. If you don’t know how to set up two monitors, this guide will show you how.

  • PC gaming WON’T break the bank

If you spend your money properly, you can buy a brand new gaming PC for $500 or even just $400. In fact, if you buy used parts, you can even build a gaming PC for $300. It’s actually cheaper in the long run.

Another added benefit of PC gaming is Steam. Since Steam is free, you don’t have to waste money on Xbox Live. Steam also has awesome sales, allowing you to purchase your games for cheap.

Lastly, there are loads of free games on PC you can download without spending any extra cash.

  • Mods are an awesome reason to switch to PC

There are thousands of people who work on tons of cool mods for popular games such as Skyrim, GTA, Nazi Zombies, etc. All of these games have mods that range from little tweaks to an entirely new storyline.


While console gaming has its benefits, PC gaming has more. Boasting better graphics, flexibility, versatility and more, PC is the way to go. If you want to settle for mediocre, so be it. However, if you want the best gaming experience, you need to kill your console and join the PC Master Race today.