Customize Windows 10 and Enable God Mode (Windows 7, 8, too!)

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If you’ve been an avid Windows user for more than a year you probably know by now how super easy Microsoft has made it to customize Windows 10. Yes, we do have newer and older versions of Windows but the concept and format is more or less the same so that you won’t have to go through a complete list of How TOs to get a hang of it if you upgraded to a newer version of Windows.

Speaking of which, have you upgraded to Windows 10 already? Okay, i agree Windows 7 was pretty solid and most people don’t see the point in upgrading to windows 10 just yet. If you’re still in doubt whether you should wait a bit or upgrade now then check out some of the new features Windows 10 is bringing to the table here: Best Windows 10 Features You Might Have Missed.

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Customize Windows 10 with the ‘god mode’


activate windows 10 god mode Some call it the God Mode, but in essence, it’s simply a tweak to accelerate the process of finding your favorite Windows features.

Think about it this way, the most common Windows settings are located in the Control Panel. To navigate and customize certain configurations in your Windows you will have to make several clicks and frankly, newbies would have trouble finding some of those.

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Well, how about if you could have all those options in one place? Maybe a folder on your Desktop where with a simple click everything is presented to you?

That’s what this post is about. This little trick is simply a system shortcut that allows access to all Control Panel features and options in one handy place!

This works on the 3 latest versions of Windows: Windows 7; Windows 8; and Windows 10. So you can still use this procedure to customize windows 10 even if you’re still on the latter versions.

If you’re a visual person here’s a video to take you through:

If you’re still reading this then I guess you aren’t too visual like the rest. Well, neither I’m I so nothing of concern there.

Here’s what you need to do to get the ‘god mod’ working:

Create a new folder on your Desktop: Right-click > New > Folder and name it the following string:


I realize some might be uncomfortable with the name ‘God Mode’. If you feel the need to change it simply replace the text before the period (GodMode)with something else, “Administrator” sounds just right or “All Settings” isn’t bad either. Once you’re done hit Enter to create the folder, it will morph into a Control Panel icon and you’ll have access!

Okay while ‘God Mod’ might sound most glamorous and whatever, it certainly doesn’t let you do anything super crazy, it’s basically a shortcut. It’s great for IT guys who want common functions all in one place, or anyone who just wants a simple list of everything you can change in Windows. If you like a clean desktop, just drag the icon to your Start Menu or into another folder.

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