Does your phone’s Push Notification have you by the balls?

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Push Notifications are those unexpected alerts you get on your cellphone that let you know an app needs to be updated or a notification that tells you of your friends’ facebook status and their subsequent comments.

Well you’re now aware what push notifications are but what impact do these alerts have on your life? Looking back to when you got your fist smartphone, have these had a negative or positive impact on your life?

As a rule of thumb, most cellphones have push notification services set in place and most will let a certain amount of messages to be sent to a registered user. Your operating system (whether android, ios, windows…) determines how and whence you manage and receive these alerts.

For instance:

  • Android device users will be required to register
  • iOS users can manage their notifications via notification centre
  • Windows cellphone users have to register for certain push notifications
  • while Blackberry cellphone owners will receive notification without having registered.

So we know now that in order to manage (enable/disable) your notifications the OS determines if and how you can go about doing it. But we all agree that sometimes these notifications can be a serious pain in the a** when your phone is buzzing constantly or even someone else’s.

Honestly these alerts are like blinking neons, they’re intriguing when you first start using them but once the novelty fades you just want to jump up and smash your screen!

Imagine getting notified for the 14th time in 3 mins regarding that facebook status and the comments that followed it. To top it up, imagine trying to keep track of all your social media accounts, emails…? You could easily lose your mind, but that’s not to say that everyone is necessarily bothered by these alerts. Teenagers especially want to keep track of every activities their friends engage in so for this group getting alerted by the same app for the 19th time in 2 minutes comes as naturally as breathing.

All that said, it is important for us all to reflect on whether we need all these notifications distructing us from our lives aways from the virtual world. It’s evident that in today’s society most people lack presence and are barely able to focus on one thing for an extended period of time.

Do not let your smartphone take over your life.Tweet: Do not let your smartphone take over your life.

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