How to Download Music from SoundCloud

One of the fastest growing music streaming services is SoundCloud. It allows people to upload their music, enjoy remixes from preferred DJ, and follow the latest releases. While listening to songs was mainly free sometimes back, downloading was only allowed after joining SoundCloud pro plan. Developments have now made it possible to access and download music from any platform and storing it for complete control. The following are the four main methods of downloading music from SoundCloud.

Download SoundCloud music through the URL

There are a number websites that allow users to download music files by simply plugging URL in the selected track. Great examples of such sites include music downloader SoundCloud and 9SoundCloudDownloader. After identifying the song of preference, capture the URL and add it to the download site engine. Hit the download button for the song to start downloading into the phone or computer drive immediately. If you want to download a complete playlist, simply add its URL to get all the songs in one go.

Using SoundCloud downloader on Chrome 

The SoundCloud downloader is only available in Google Chrome. On your Chrome page, navigate to the SoundCloud downloader extension and click it to open a full page of SoundCloud Downloader. Add the extension to Chrome to get it installed and activated in the browser.

On a different tab, open the home page of SoundCloud and search for the artist or preferred song. Then, click the song to get options such as Share and Repost under the main song window. Below the options, push the download button for the song to start downloading immediately. Note that based on the version of your Chrome, you might be required to pick the download location.

Use InsTube to download music from SoundCloud

download soundcloudWhile the above two methods will still help you download the preferred songs, many people have referred to them as technical. You do not have to go that way because there is a simpler method. Using music downloader app! The best music downloader to help you get music easily, faster, and more conveniently is InsTube.

InsTube is an Android music app created by InsTube to help download music from YouTube. However, the app has become one of the best to download music from other platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and even social media. Here is the process of downloading music from using InsTube from SoundCloud.

  • Start by downloading and installing InsTube on your phone. Note that InsTube is not available in Google App Store because Google discourages apps used for downloading its music. Therefore, you will need to install the app from InsTube home page.
  • Open the app search page and browse SoundCloud for the target music. Then the track starts playing, InsTube inspects all threads to ensure that the song will play smoothly.
  • You will be required to select the output format before the download can start. This is very critical because some people might want to use different devices such as laptops and desktops.
  • Once you hit download, the music track will be downloaded and secured with Video Locker to guarantee your phone safety. From here, you can copy the song to the preferred location or simply play it on the phone.
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