File Recovery – Tips On How To Restore Lost Data In Your Phone

Please raise your hand if you’ve never been victimized by your phone.
When you try to access those great pictures you took while on holiday, you suddenly realize they’re nowhere to be found in your phone. It’s daunting enough that all your precious photos have all been lost – never mind other important files could as well have been lost.
Well there’s good news in regards to recovering your lost files: It’s common to accidentally delete photos, videos, or any other files. When this happens to you, you shouldn’t worry as you can recover the files regardless of whether your phone is rooted or not. When you realize that you have deleted an important file you should switch off your Wi-Fi and internet connection. This is to prevent automatic updates from taking place and overwriting your data before you get the lost files.
To help you out here are the steps that you should follow to recover the lost data.

How to Recover Data If You Aren’t ROOTED

You should start by connecting your phone memory as a mass storage device to your computer. As rule of thumb you should use a USB adapter. After connecting the device you should now download a data recovery program.

The cool thing is that there are many programs that you can use. All you need to do is to go to the app store and read the reviews. For ideal results you should go with the best data recovery program that you can afford.

You should note that for the data recovery programs to work you need to format your memory as FAT32 or NTFS. If the format of your memory card can’t be recognized you should copy the contents of the card to your computer then reformat the card. You should then paste the copied files back to the memory card.

Once you are done recovering the files you should save them on a different device. For example, you should first save the files in your PC and then transfer them to your smartphone.

How to Recover Files If You Have ROOT

You should start by downloading Undelete app. The cool thing with this app is that it downloads very fast (within 2-10 minutes). When the app downloads successfully you will be presented with the retrievable data that comes in several tabs such as Music, Documents, Files, and Pictures.

In some cases this option may fail to work. If this happens you should download your desired data recovery program.


These are tips on how to restore data on your device. To avoid corrupting your device you should be very careful when downloading the data recovery program. As mentioned, you should first do your research and thoroughly read the reviews to ensure that you are downloading the right app. After recovering your data you should be keen that you don’t delete it again. It’s also wise that you save the data in another device.

if you have any question regarding your device feel free to post it in the comment section or simply write me an email via the contact me page.