HEARING IS BELIEVING – Choosing the Right Gaming Headphone.

Key considerations when choosing the right gaming headphone/headset.

The gaming industry has gone from a platform of simple 8 bit, 2D gaming modes to 3D all immersive tactile and auditory experiences. Headphones have become an essential to the modern gamer’s répertoire. A great set of gaming headphones pulls you into the action and feel of the game, not to mention the added bonus of multiplayer connection to people from around the globe.

However, since there are such a vast number of headphones to choose from, I have compiled a simple list of functions that you should look for in a great gaming headphone to ensure neither quality nor functionality is being sacrificed in your new purchase.


wireless headphones with mic Headphones can vary in the quality of sound based on the price and style of the headphone. In order to make sure you don’t miss even a single sound effect, ambience sound or music cue look for 7.1 surround sound quality. Real Time Strategy games like Warcraft or Command and Conquer, where you need to be keenly aware of multiple sounds that are happening at the same time will utilize the 7.1 surround sound headphones the best.

It is possible to opt for the lower quality 5.1 surround sound headphones, which are much less expensive in price, but lose the depth given by higher definition sets.


momentum wireless headphones Basic headphones will be equipped with the regular 3.5mm jack that is typical with most audio headphones, but many of the modern gaming headphones are now equipped with a USB input. This not only is more secure but also allows the user to have greater control of the customization of sounds and effects heard. USB tends to also have less “hissing” and many say the quality of sound is much higher.



best wireless headphones with 2016 What also should be considered is simply how the headphones fit on your head and your ears. You don’t want them to feel too tight as to leave marks on your head, but also not so loose as to miss sounds and effects by the headphones not sticking to your ears. Some of the less expensive brands of gaming headphones don’t have the possibility of adjustment and that makes comfort difficult. The more expensive and higher quality of the headphone, the more options for adjustment and comfort.

The Mic

gaming mic The mic is another important component of your gaming headset. Without a good mic, you will always feel like something is holding you back because a bad mic won’t allow you to give clear instructions to the members of your team. This is extremely important in games where you need to plan strategies in total coordination, like Dota, LoL, etc.

You need to get a headset that comes with a built-in mic that allows you to communicate with the members of your team without issues. In order for this to happen, you will need a mic that comes with excellent noise cancellation capability, so that you can communicate with total clarity.

Above all, make sure there is a need for the gaming headphone. Not all games have a need for such high-quality devices, but in order to fully immerse yourself within a high-quality game, high-quality options for audio are a must.

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