How To Speed Up An Android Phone Without Rooting? 10+ Methods

If you want to know how to speed up your android phone without rooting, then you are at the right place.

Android operating system is the most popular operating system when it comes to mobile devices. If you are using an android phone and are noticing that it is slowing down, you need to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Now, many of you might already know that you can speed up your android phone by rooting. However, rooting your phone is a complicated process. And if you don’t know what you are doing, you might end up with a bricked phone.

So you are looking for ways to speed up your android phone without rooting it. You will be glad to know that we have written this post to help you out with this issue. And, here, we will be sharing 15 ways you can speed up your android phone without rooting.

So let’s get to the good part…

Tutorial on How To Speed Up an Android Phone Without Rooting

In this section, we will share the tips one by one. You can start to follow each one, or you can also skip the one you don’t like. So let’s begin…

Method #1 Close Unnecessary Apps

Due to android’s multitasking ability, we can use multiple apps at once. Also, you can open and keep running apps in the background. This is a very useful feature. However, if your phone has low RAM, or if it can’t manage RAM efficiently, then you will notice that the phone will slow down a bit.

To solve this issue, you need to close the apps that are unnecessary. Here, close means you have to directly close the app from the ‘Recents’ menu. If you just press the Home button to close the app, the app might still run its operations in the background.

That means the app is still eating up the RAM. As a result, it will slow down your phone with low RAM. So, the 1st tip is to close unnecessary apps while you are using another app or not using anything at all.

Method #2 Manage Data Usage

Nowadays, almost all phones come with the dual SIM feature. That means you can use 2 SIMs at the same time. Now, if you are using mobile data to browse the internet. Then you will be able to use only one SIM for that purpose at a time.

Remember, when you are using mobile data to download or upload big files, your phone might get slower. So, it is better to manage mobile data usage whenever you can. For instance, you can download large files at night when you will be sleeping. So even if you are downloading or uploading large data, you will not have to deal with a slow phone.

Method #3 Uninstall or Remove Unwanted Apps

The Google Play Store is full of apps. So, it is very tempting to head over to the Play Store and install all the popular apps on your phone. Also, many phones come with a lot of unnecessary preloaded apps. Also, some phones come with pre-installed games. And you know nowadays, games tend to be of very large size.

So, if you don’t play games on your phone, then you can uninstall them. Also, if you notice that there are apps that you don’t use, you can uninstall them as well. When you uninstall unwanted apps, you will get free storage in return. This will definitely speed up your android phone without rooting.

Method #4 Stop Using Live Wallpapers

If you are into customization, then you know that you can use live wallpapers on your android phone. A live wallpaper is an animating wallpaper. That means this wallpaper will be operating in the background even if you are not doing anything on your phone.

So if your phone doesn’t have higher RAM or a good processor, then you should stop using live wallpapers. After you have started to use static wallpaper, you will see that your android phone has sped up a lot.

Method #5 Change the Animation Time

Normally, your android phone’s UI (User Interface) will have different animations. You will notice those animations when you are navigating through the UI. Now, depending on your phone’s model, you might be able to adjust the speed of the animations.

So, if you find out that the speed of those UI animations is slower. You should change the settings and make the speed faster. After that, you should feel that the speed of your phone has increased.

Method #6 Use a Few Widgets

You can add widgets to your home screen. Most of the apps come with their own widgets. Some of the widgets are very important. However, some are not that crucial. So you should refrain from using many widgets that are unnecessary. This will definitely speed up your android phone without root.

Method #7 Turn Off Auto Syncing When not Necessary

‘Auto Sync’ is a feature that runs in the background. Normally, you can turn on the ‘Auto Sync’ for your email account. So you will be notified about new emails in real-time. There are some other apps that also use the sync feature.

Now, with the auto-sync feature on, you will be able to get notifications and emails in real-time. However, as it runs in the background, it does slow down your phone a bit. As a result, if you want to speed up your android phone without rooting, you may try to turn off the Auto Sync feature.

Method #8 Turn Off Auto Backup

There are many apps that come with an auto-backup option. Some of the notable apps in that category are Google Photos, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and so on. For instance, if you turn on auto backup on Google Photos, your new photos and videos will be automatically uploaded to Google Photos. This is a neat feature.

How To Speed Up An Android Phone Without Rooting

However, it also implies that Google Photos will be using the data and will run in the background all the time. This will definitely slow down your phone. So if you want to speed up your phone, you should not turn on the Auto Backup feature all the time. You can turn it on when you are not using your phone.

Method #9 Reset All Settings Once in a While

We don’t recommend this method unless your phone is very slow. This method involves resetting all the settings of your phone to its factory state. Depending on the model of your phone, the way of resetting the settings will be different.

Typically, you will find this particular option under the Reset Settings menu. Once you have reset all your settings. You might have to change all of the settings your way.

Method #10 Factory Reset Your Phone (For Very Slow Phones)

Once again, we don’t recommend this process to everybody. However, if your phone is very slow and you can’t use it comfortably, you should try this method as a last resort. Remember factory resetting your phone will delete all of your data permanently.

Yes, your app data, messages, contacts, and newly installed apps will be deleted from your phone. So you should take a backup of all of your data prior to performing a factory reset.

And depending on the model and android version of your phone, the process of factory resetting your phone would be a bit different. For that, you can search on the internet to find the specific method of resetting your phone to factory settings.

Method #11 Update the Software to The Latest Version

Normally, your phone manufacturer will release new versions of software for your phone from time to time. With the release of the new updates, they will add more new features and fix some bugs. Normally, you will see a notification if a new software update is released.

Also, sometimes, you might have to search for a new update manually. You will find the software settings under the About Phone menu. Once you have found a new software update released for your phone. You should install it as soon as possible. Always make sure you are using the latest version of the software on your phone.

Method #12 Free Up Internal Storage Space

Another reason for your android phone to be slowing down is when the storage space is running out. Every phone comes with limited internal storage space. Once you have started to take photos, videos, install apps, and save different types of files, your phone’s internal storage space will run out automatically.

And it will slow down your phone. Typically, if the storage is up to 90% full, then you will start to notice your phone is slowing down. And, when it is 95%+ full, you will see the performance of your phone has drastically decreased.

So you should always use an SD card if your phone comes with an external SD card slot. Then you should save all of your files to that SD card. However, if your phone’s internal storage is running out, you should delete some big files or uninstall unnecessary apps.

You can also move some files to the external SD card if your phone has one. Once you have done that, you will see that the performance of your phone has increased a lot.

Method #13 Kill Background Syncing or Apps that Run in the Background

There are many android apps that run in the background all the time. We have already talked about turning off the background syncing settings for those apps. Now, you might also find some apps that run continuously in the background.

If your phone has such apps. If you don’t need them to continuously run in the background, then you should force stop them. You will see that your phone has become a lot faster.

Method #14 Use a High-Quality Memory Card

If your phone has an external memory card slot, you might be using an SD card. Now, there are many types of SD cards available in the market.

Some are very cheap while some are of the premium price. Now, you should always use a high-quality Class 10 memory card. That way, your phone will perform better and faster.

Method #15 Restart Your Phone Once in a While

The last one on our list is one of the most common ones. Yes, we are talking about restarting your phone. It might not fix all of the problems your phone has.

How To Speed Up An Android Phone Without Rooting

However, sometimes, a simple restart might actually make your phone faster. So try this one, when you see that your phone is lagging or freezing.

Summing it up

Android phones are fun to use if you are into customization. And there are hundreds and thousands of variations when it comes to android phones. If you are noticing that your phone is getting slow all of a sudden, then there must be something behind this.

So we have pointed out some solutions to this issue in this post. We hope that this post will help you to speed up your android phone without rooting. All of our tips can be performed without rooting the phone.

So, if you have liked the post, you can share it with other android users. And if you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave your comments below!

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