How to Install Magnetic Sensor in Android Mobile, Several Solutions

Many people want to know how to install a magnetic sensor in android mobile. Fear not! We will be answering this question in this post.

Android is one of the most popular operating systems when it comes to smartphones. There are billions of people in the world who use android phones. Now, you may be wondering if there is a way of installing the magnetic sensor in your android mobile phone. Unfortunately, there’s no way you can install a magnetic sensor on your phone.

How to Install a Magnetic Sensor in Android Mobile

However, the best thing is that most android phones come with a magnetic sensor nowadays. So, you can always use that magnetic sensor. To do that, you will need to install any compass app from the Play Store. And if the compass apps work on your phone, you can be sure that your android phone has a magnetic sensor that works.

So, let’s get to it…

Tutorial on How to Install Magnetic Sensor in Android Mobile

We have already told you that it is not possible to install the magnetic sensor on your android phone. But normally, most phones already come with a magnetic sensor.

So, to check if your phone has a magnetic sensor or not, we will now introduce you to some compass apps that would be perfect for that. So, here we go…


This is a mighty and accurate compass app. This app can show you true north. You can also connect this compass app to Google Map. In addition, it has ‘Device slope angle’, magnetic field power, sensor state, and more features.

This compass app also shows latitude, longitude, and altitude. Plus, it also has the ‘level error correction’ feature. The size of the app is only 2 MB. You will need android 4.0 and up to run this app on your phone.

Just a Compass

The next one on our list is a free compass app. Yes, it is totally free and even doesn’t have ads or in-app purchases. The UI of the app is so great and easy to use. It can show you the magnetic & geographic north using magnetic declination.

There are various skins, colors, and themes in the app to customize it your way. The app also shows sunrise and sunset times. You will also love that it shows the true altitude above sea level at your current position. This one uses the EGM96 as the geoid reference for computing altitude accurately.

How to Install a Magnetic Sensor in Android Mobile

You will get latitude and longitude in various formats, including MGRS, UTM, DD, DMM, DMS, and more. In addition, it shows magnetic field strength and sensor accuracy. Last but not least, it also shows the address of your current location.

Digital Compass

This compass app is from Axiomatic Inc. Tools. This is also another free compass app. However, it has in-app purchases and contains ads. Also, you should not use this app with a magnetic cover on your phone. In that case, it might show the wrong data.

Some of the notable features of this app are magnetic strength, sensor status, full-screen map, latitude, longitude and address, true-heading and magnetic heading, slope level meter, and more. The size of the app is 5.6 MB. And you will need an android phone with Android 4.1 and up version to use it.

Compass App for Android

The next app is another excellent compass app for android phones. This one also comes with in-app purchases and contains ads. Thanks to its user-friendly UI, people will find it very easy to use this app.

You can customize the design of the compass. You can also get detailed information about the current location of yours in any given moment. Then you can share your current location via other apps from this compass app directly.


If you are looking for a feature-rich compass app, then you should check this app out. This app can show the true magnetic north automatically. It also can detect metal and show magnetic strength. Furthermore, you can customize the text and background color easily. With this app, you can also link it to map apps for route finding.

The app also shows the current address and map. You can input information about new locations. Also, you can save and share information about your current location. It also has a bubble level indicator. There is a flashlight option on the app as well.

Interestingly, it has ‘Camera View’ and shows weather information. In addition, you can use the Qibla finder option to find the direction to Kaaba. Plus, you can add events and to-do lists as well.

Smart Compass

This is another featureful compass app. This app comes from the famous Smart Tool Co. developers. If your phone has Android 4.1 or up, then you can install this app on your phone. And, if your phone has a magnetic sensor or magnetometer, you can use this compass app. The size of the Smart Compass app is only 5.4 MB.

There is a Pro version of this app as well. The Pro version doesn’t have any ads. You can share your GPS location from that version. Also, it has features like the car locator, Qibla finder, individual metal detector, and more. But to enjoy the app, you don’t need the Pro version at all.

The free version is perfect. It comes with different compass modes like the telescope, standard, digital, night, background image, map, map (satellite), and more. Some of the notable features of this app are screen captures, material design, true north, vertical lines, GPS speedometer, azimuth types, and coordinate types.

Compass Steel 3D

All of the abovementioned compasses were 2D compasses. Now, if you want a compass with 3D UI, then you can go with this. As the name suggests, this compass has a 3D user interface. In addition, there are multiple different color themes. It is a marine-style compass app.

There are no ads in the app. And they don’t even have trackers. That means that don’t collect your personal data and sell them to 3rd party. However, to support the app, you can donate. There are 2 compass modes to choose from, such as True mode and Magnetic mode.

The True mode is based on the True north. And the Magnetic mode is based on the magnetic north. It also shows sun and moon positions. And you can find the sunrise and sunset times. In addition, it shows the time of moonset and moonrise.

Compass – Level & GPS & Map

The next compass app is a bit different. Typically it is a compass app. So you can find the directions accurately. In addition, it is also a GPS, map, and level app. When you are using the compass mode, you will see the directions, the current address information, latitude/longitude information, altitude, current position, and magnetic field strength.

How to Install a Magnetic Sensor in Android Mobile

You will be able to choose from different skin colors and backgrounds. When in the map mode, you will see the map in 2 modes: satellite map mode and normal map mode. And, when you are using the Level mode, you will be able to get the horizontal and vertical tilt information.

The horizontal ball is accurate and intuitive. It is an 8.1 MB app, which is compatible with Android 4.2 and up version. And it has an in-app purchase option. All in all, this is a great app to check the magnetometer on your phone.

Last Lines

There are many compass apps in the Google Play Store. However, not all of them are good. Also, if you want to check whether there is a magnetometer or magnetic sensor on your android mobile, you will need to install a compass app.

So we have listed and reviewed some of the best compass apps on this post. Now you can install any of the apps you want from the list. Then check whether your phone has a magnetic sensor or not.

If this post has helped you, then don’t forget to share this with others. And, if you have any suggestions or questions, please leave them in the comments below!