How to start your very own Instagram growth service.

The demand for Instagram growth services has gone up in the recent past as more and more people become aware of the potential social media holds for business. This increase in demand has opened up great opportunities for individuals who can afford an hour or two in a day to create an extra stream of income by offering services like these.

Instagram Growth Service

Just to give you an idea of what’s possible, say you acquire 100 clients who each subscribes to your Instagram growth service and is paying only $100/month. The professional package for Jarvee – the one that can take up to 150 Instagram accounts goes for just $69.95, you’ll need a VPS strong enough to handle more than 100 accounts. That’ll cost you around $300 (This can run up to 500 Instagram accounts). You will also need around 100 proxies for each account, and if you go for premium dedicated proxies, that’ll cost $200.

  • Your expenses at 100 clients = $569.95
  • Payments made to you = $10,000

100 x $100 – ($69.95 + $300 + $200) = $9430.05

Thus, if no other unexpected expenses turn up, you’re looking at profits of $9,000+/month! Seriously, what’s your excuse?

And the best part is, you can always start slow with smaller packages and as your clientele grows, you’ll gradually expand on the resources needed. $30 is enough to get you started with 5 clients.

You actually don’t need any special skills, anybody can start their own Instagram growth services and as long you’re capable of respectfully responding to random emails from your clients at odd times asking why their Instagram page isn’t growing as fast as their nemesis’ page is, I think you’ll do just fine.

There are several things that you should, however, prepare for, to make this as close a success as possible:

  • First, you’ll need to decide what services you’re going to offer the client and when possible, set different price tiers for the services you’re going to offer.

If you don’t do so, you might end up raising the expectations of your clients way too high and with your limited time, you might not be able to deliver on that promise.

I like to have at least 3 tiers of pricing, where for instance, if I’m offering to grow a client’s Instagram account, the smallest tier would include services like auto-follow, auto-unfollow and auto-liking.

Scheduling content, hashtag research, commenting and DM-ing users would fall into higher tiers which of course, are pricier than the basic tier.

  • You want to set prices that are reasonable not just to you, but to your clients as well.

If you set the prices too high and fall short of delivering on the promise you made when your client first signed up, you’re going to piss off quite a bit of people in the process and as you probably know, a bad name travels faster. On the other hand, if you charge reasonably and over deliver, chances are, your client retention rate is going to be very high and you might end up not needing to source for more as they’ll freely recommend your services to their friends. I’ve witnessed others offering prices ranging from $50 – $1500/month depending on the services and number of accounts they’re running for the client.

  • You need to figure out where to source for clients.

I personally find it easier to work with local clients. This means I would walk into local stores that I believe would greatly benefit from having an Instagram page that is active and growing. I would then pitch to them what my services can do for their business and if they like what I had to say they’ll probably want to try out my services.

When pitching to clients, you want to give them an offer they can’t resist. One that works well for me is to offer them a two-week free trial to test out my services and if by the end of those two weeks they’re happy with the results and want to continue enjoying that growth, they can now opt in for the monthly subscription. In the process of approaching clients, you’ll meet a lot of small businesses that have struggled for months (if not years) to grow their social media following and you helping them gain even 500 REAL followers in just two weeks is something they’ll appreciate.

Another golden trick that could really work in your favor is to offer your clients something like 50% off every time they successfully refer your service to their friends and family. Don’t be surprised when your biggest (by far) source of new clients comes from referrals from your existing clients.


This is not a promise that you’ll become successful instantly and that it’s going to be a smooth ride through and through, but if you diligently put in the work required, it might very well be!

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