3 Apps to Track an iPhone by Phone Number Online

They have already said that it’s now possible to track an iPhone using the phone number. On the other hand, do you know what you need to apply? If you have searched for a solution, it means you may have found something or frustrations kept coming.

track iphone

To counter the misfortunes, we have already searched for you. We will explain about three apps that you can use to track an iPhone by number online. Our solutions have already been tried and tested.

So, it’s only a matter of reading and seeing what you need to get started.

Part 1: Track an iPhone by Number Online with Spyic

The first one on the list is an app that has benefited millions of people in more than 190 countries. The Spyic monitoring package is an app with more than 30 tracking features in it. It can, therefore, benefit you beyond tracking an iPhone using the phone number.

Spyic can track all iPhones with iOS version 7.0 and above. You need any jailbreaking to acquire it. Further, it does not require any download or installation. Everything about Spyic and iPhone tracking is done online.

To track the iPhone, Spyic only needs to verify the target’s iCloud credentials on its website after registration. If you already have the iCloud ID of the phone you want to track, that’s it.

spy iphone

The only thing remaining is registering an account on the Spyic main website and entering the cloud’s login details. After that, you get to see a user-friendly dashboard with all the features you need.

It’s compatible with all browsers, which means you can use any device to log in and view the results. You can read more about Spyic’s working mode on the Clickfree page. Now, when tracking the iPhone, you can make use of the Location feature.

It tells you the iPhone’s exact location and history of all the previously visited places. If you want to restrict any movements, you can make use of the Geofencing specification. It allows you to set up the hot zones and an email to give you the alerts.

Since Spyic’s iOS version uses the iCloud instead of installing it, Spyic achieves 100% stealth mode. That means it’s never visible on the target’s iPhone, and they will never know about it. One more thing, Spyic is always secure in addition to its hidden ability.

Its cloud does not store the iPhone’s tracking information. It’s only a medium to transfer the data to your online account via the dashboard. Therefore, even the support team cannot access what you see.

For more information about other Spyic’s qualities, read this post about how to track an iPhone by phone number. After getting all the insights, keep reading to see how you can follow the targeted iPhone.

How to Start Tracking an iPhone Using Spyic

Step 1: Go to the Spyic website and register an account. Next, select the Apple icon to continue to the pricing page.

Step 2: You will see all the available tracking plans. Choose the best one for you and proceed to make the payment. You will immediately receive a confirmation email with the login details, receipt, and setup instructions.

Step 3: After you get the email, login to your Spyic account and verify the iCloud credentials. Next, select the device you want to track and wait for the Spyic and iCloud syncing.

spyic cloud

Step 4: Once the syncing is over, you will see the dashboard. The features you need here are on the left part of the control panel.

spyic dashboard

To track the iPhone’s location, click on the Location feature. You will see the map and a location icon showing you the phone’s location.

Part 2: Track an iPhone by Number Using Cocospy

Another platform that can track that iPhone by number is the Cocospy solution. It works on all iPhones with iOS version 7.0 or later. Apart from monitoring the iPhone, Cocospy has other powerful features worth taking a look at.


As for the tracking, Cocospy uses the iCloud credentials of the targeted phone to tell where it is. That means there is no download or installation required. Everything from registration to tracking is done online.

To track the iPhone, Cocospy has the location feature that tells the iPhone’s exact location. It also tells you the previously visited places. There is also the Geofence alert that allows you to provide movement restrictions.

When showing the results, Cocospy uses a web-based dashboard that is fully compatible with all browsers. You can, therefore, use your smartphone, tablet or computer to log in and view.

Part 3: Find My iPhone

The last item on the list is a truly free solution that is available for all iPhones. Find My iPhone allows you to track the phone online by logging into its iCloud online. If you don’t have it yet, activate the Find My iPhone settings via the phone’s Settings.

After that, visit the online Find My iPhone version via your browser. Login using the target’s iCloud credentials and then click on the ‘Find My iPhone’ icon on the dashboard.

You will see a map showing the phone’s location. This, however, works if the iCloud syncing is turned on and the location tracking, too, on the iPhone. It also shows you the location details if you click on the ‘i’ icon.

Other capabilities here include sending a message to the phone in case it’s stolen. You can also set a password to lock the phone and also delete the data remotely.


You now have three superb ways to track an iPhone using the number. In all our solutions, there is nothing to download here. All you need are the iPhone’s iCloud credentials to determine where it is.

For the best results, it’s a good idea to visit the Spyic website and see what it can do for you. You will also see the Android version. Once you deploy Spyic, the tracking results will always be available with a one-time setup only.