Cubot Manito 4G Smartphone Review.

Cubot Manito 4G Smartphone We’ve got smartphones for the movie buffs, smartphones for the gamers, and phones for the selfie fanatics. Why aren’t there any phones designed for the average person? Cubot must have been asking themselves the same question when they created the Cubot Manito 4G smartphone. Let’s take a look and see how it holds up.


Cubot Manito Design Simple, bright, and functional. Those are the three things Cubot was going for when they designed the Manito phone. The phone’s outer casing has a classical design with just a touch of modern. The metal band that runs around the outside of the phone feels great in the hand, and the plastic backing is more durable than the glass models on the market.


Cubot Manito Performance Powering the Cubot Manito smartphone is a 1.3Ghz Quad Core Processor, 3GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. What does that mean for the average user? It means that you’ve got a phone that will browse the web with ease. Each page loads quickly and cleanly, and you can smoothly scroll through even media rich websites without a stutter. Sending texts and using social media websites is just as snappy, and the Quad Core CPU allows you to keep a few apps open at the same time.


While Android phones have certainly changed over the years, the one thing we can all agree on is that 5” displays are the current sweet spot. They’re large enough that you can use the mobile web without any eyestrain but small enough that the phone fits comfortably into your pocket. The HD display really makes everything feel nice and crisp, making the Manito pretty impressive to use.


The last thing you want is to get your phone set up just the way you like it, only to have it break without any warning. Fortunately, the Cubot Manito is a pretty well-made phone. The metal band and plastic backing keep it safe from bumps, scratches, and drops. The glass front is rounded and hardened, making it resistant to cracks and scratches. Overall, this is one of the more durable phones on the market.

Battery Life

The 2350mAh battery might not look like the largest on the market, but some incredibly power efficient hardware makes it stand out. The phone will last up to 89 hours on standby if you’re not using your phone too regularly. We were able to get 57 hours of music playback on a single charge, making it great for long road trips. If you’re more of a power user, you’ll find that you get about 11 hours of web browsing before reaching for the charger.

Who Should Buy the Cubot Manito?

It seems like every phone that hits the market these days has some kind of gimmick. It’s certainly a great way to drum up the hype, but the novelty fades after a few hours of use. If you’re looking for a great all-around phone for average, everyday use, look no further than the Cubot Manito. It’s durable, has a long battery life, and handles all your day to day tasks with ease. Sure, the specs might look a little lower than other phones on the market. But for 90% of the population, this phone gives you everything you need. GearBest have it up at a discount.

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