The Elephone S3 Review – Some cool features you need to know

Elephone is a company that makes mid-level phones and sells them at an entry level price. Customers who want value appreciate that Elephone S3 doesn’t include many unnecessary and gimmicky features, instead focusing their resources on building a functional mobile device that works well for most purposes. Let’s take a look at their latest S3 and see how it performs.

Elephone S3 First Impressions

Elephone took a slightly different approach when designing the Elephone S3, compared to last year’s model. Previously, they’ve used exposed glass on both sides. It sure looked great, but really wasn’t very durable. This year, they’ve managed to keep a sleek and modern looking appearance in a solidly built aluminum phone with shatter resistant glass.


The Elephone S3 is a very well made phone. You’ll notice that the screen has a rounded edge. A lot of people think that manufacturers are just rounding their screens as a cheap way to rip off Samsung’s edge screens. However, this actually addresses a very important issue. Have you ever noticed that when a phone is dropped, the impact seems to shoot across the display and shatter the glass like a spider web? That’s because force travels in a straight line. If the glass is flat, the pressure can sweep through the face of your phone. With a rounded edge, the worst that is going to happen is you chip the corner, leaving your screen usable. This is a major feature for durability. Combined with the metal edge, this is one phone that definitely won’t be falling apart.

Elephone S3 Screen

The 5.2” screen used in the Elephone S3 is the perfect balance between screen size and form factor. Lately, we’ve felt that the compact 5” phones were a little too small, but the 5.5” is just too big to fit into some pockets comfortably. This screen is completely bezelless. This means that there is no black border around it, the image goes right to the edge of the phone. This way, they’ve managed to fit a beautiful 1080p display into a phone no larger than a standard 5” phone, but you still get an extra 0.2” of visible room. The number might seem small on paper, but remember how close the phone is to your face. This is the equivalent of moving from a 50” tv to a 60” one.


The phone takes advantage of a 64 bit 8 core CPU that runs at 1.3 GHZ. With 3gb of ram installed, this phone is great for multitasking. However, the 1.3 GHZ speed means that the CPU has a very low power draw, so your battery can last a long time. This phone is not a 3D gaming powerhouse, but it works perfectly for browsing the web, using social media, and even sharing photos.

Battery Life

When using the Elephone S3, we found that it lasted a long time. With regular use, we got just over 24 hours from full to flat. This implies that even heavy users will make it from morning till night without having to reach for that charger.


For a little less than $140, the Elephone S3 is a solid phone for regular users. Intense gamers might want to splurge a little for a higher end phone, but if you mostly just use your device for web browsing and communications no part of this phone will leave you wanting more. Get it at a discount from

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