How to bypass facebook photo tag verification or identify photos of your friends

Facebook photo tag solution

Facebook marketing: Internet marketing has changed so much in the last 3 years. Not that I was in the game at the time, but reading through other internet marketers stories, it sounds like the good ship left the dock by now.  Today’s environment is almost 10 times tougher to make conversions/sales than it used to be 18 months ago.

It makes total sense, however, I mean, with all the spammers running amok on social media, belts had to be tightened. The situation forced Facebook to come up with stringent measures to curb spamming and restore some kind of sanity.

But we aren’t all spammers, are we?! At least I like to think I’m not. What happens to the rest of us when we want to post a link on our Facebook pages and share it 50 times across several Facebook groups in one day? For starters, facebook will block your account and ban your URL. Worst still, depending on the severity of your ‘offense’, your account could get irreversibly deleted.

It’s not always spammers’ fault, Facebook has been criticised especially lately for ‘forcing’ users to pay for outreach, doesn’t matter if your target audience is already following your page or not, if you haven’t noticed, their algorithm limits how far your posts are going to reach your followers/likers.

So even though you may have a couple thousand Facebook likes on your page, a huge chunk of your fans are still not going to see your posts on their timeline. To get around this issue, you need an actionable strategy.

So how do you avoid getting your Facebook account locked?

One of the most effective methods I’ve seen in action involves:

  • creating multiple Facebook accounts (in order to limit activities and still be able to target more)
  • getting each account to join about 20 groups in your niche
  • loading these accounts on Massplanner and automating the posting process.

Let’s look at that once again. Let’s say you’ve created 10 Facebook accounts and had each one of them join 20 groups. You want each account to post 20 times/day in their respective groups. I think 20 times/day is a fairly safe number, but who know’s what Facebook is thinking.

Right, that should amount to around 200 posts/day. Depending on how attractive your campaign is, if you get at least 2 click-throughs from each link, you’ll be doing 400+ views/day from Facebook alone. That’s not so bad, is it?

Now let’s get back to what this post is about.

how to bypass “identify photos of friends” on facebook

facebook identify friendsI have more than 300 friends on my spare Facebook account that I use for Internet Marketing related activities. When I used to be confronted with the issue of Facebook temporarily locking my account until I can identify photos of my friends, it used to take weeks until I would get lucky once in a while. I would exceed the hourly limit and would be forced to try again the next day. How frustrating the process was.

When I thought about writing the solution to this problem, I checked to see just how many people were experiencing the same. So if any one of the following queries brought you here:

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…well, I found a trick that I use every time this happens, and I want to share it with you today.

facebook verify

A Step-by-Step Viral Guide

Here’s how to unlock your Facebook account:

  1. Log into your regular account and navigate to the profile of the account that is locked.
  2. Note down the date of birth (day, month, year).
  3. Log out of your account
  4. Now you need to change your IP address to indicate that you’re in Japan. You can easily do this using any VPN app. I personally use TunnelBear.
  5. Next, attempt to log into the locked account. You will be prompted to state your date of birth. Type in what we noted down at #2.
  6. Your account should be unlocked and you’ll be asked to type in a new password. That’s it.

What’s interesting is, I have attempted this with my IP changed to many other countries but it never worked. It appears this works only if you switch to Japan. Hhmm!

Well, there you have it. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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