Jarvee Instagram Like Tool Tutorial (Social Media Automation)

Today we’re going to look¬†at the Like Tool on Jarvee and see what sorts of options we have and what we can do with them. As usual, the first step you should¬†take before embarking on this tutorial is to set up your Instagram account on Jarvee.

When you have your account set up correctly, it should look like on the screenshot below with the status showing VALID.

instagram setup jarvee valid

The Instagram account I’ve set up for this tutorial is relatively new, has 82 followers and is following none since I unfollowed everyone on a previous tutorial on unfollow setting on Jarvee. You’ll also see that Jarve has calculated the average engagement for this account and shows it at 20.7.

To view the like features, click on TOOLS located on the vertical tab on the left side. It should open to the following interface:¬†no more users to unfollow jarveeYou’ll notice that there are information icons (i) on each tool (Follow Back, Like, Comment, Follow and Unfollow). When everything¬†is working correctly they are displayed in light blue but when you see it turned red¬†then it means something is amiss. You only need to place the cursor above it for the tool to tell you what the issue is.

In my example above, there are no more users to unfollow hence the red warning.

Click on the name of the account (here: Instagram Account 1) and then go to the Like tab.¬†like settings jarvee The information on this interface will appear overwhelming at first glance but after some getting used to and playing around with the different settings you’ll get real comfortable making changes whenever you feel the need to.

When you’re on the Like tab, there are 3 sub-tabs¬†for you to work with: The Settings¬†sub-tab is where you set the Like limits, intervals, filters and some other special actions.¬†like sources tab The Sources sub-tab is where you choose criteria to like posts, be it by keywords (hashtags), location, users among others.

For this tutorial, I want my Instagram account to like posts of my followers and posts of users who interacted with my posts. The purpose for this is to encourage those users to give back and thereby boosting my engagement. PS: The number (10) you see beside each source is meant to set priority. Where the number is set highest, the tool will put emphasis on that source and less on the others.

Here’s my screenshot of Sources when set up as desired:

like sources steps jarvee

Under Like posts of users that interacted with posts on target accounts I set my username as target account. I also set it to like posts of users who interacted¬†with my posts within the last 1440 minutes (24hrs). You’re totally¬†free to set your preferred minutes.

Next, we’re going to go back to the Settings sub-tab to set the filters. I’ll just share the screenshots:

like settings subtab jarvee 1¬†Here I want the tool to like around 104 posts/day of users who follow me and users who interacted with my posts. You’ll notice that I’ve set the tool to like a maximum of 50-100 posts per day and increase that figure by 50 each day until it reaches a maximum of 500 likes/day.

This means that Jarvee will continue to like around 104 posts/day of my followers and users who interacted with my posts even after the maximum of 500 set has been reached. The remainder (500-104) will be reserved for other tools. For instance, in the Follow tab, I have Jarvee set to like posts of users immediately after following them.

like settings subtab jarvee 2 In the USER FILTERS, I want Jarvee to skip non-English users. I choose so because the products I promote are only suitable to users in English speaking countries. I also want it to like only posts of users who have a profile image. This helps to weed out bot accounts (fake accounts).

Furthermore, I want Jarvee to like only posts of users with less than 200 followers. Reason being, users with a lot of followers usually don’t like to ‘give back’. I also don’t want to like posts of users who are following too many people as these usually tend to be bot accounts.

In the POST FILTERS, I want Jarvee to like both images and videos. I also want to limit it to posts with less than 100 likes because it’s hard to get noticed when you like posts with too many likes. I will also like random posts from the most recent user’s post. This helps to keep this automation looking natural.

like settings subtab jarvee 3¬†I haven’t changed anything else in the AFTER LIKE ACTIONS but you’re free to change anything you want there.

Now scroll back up and start the tool: start like settings jarvee

You’re all set!

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