Jumper EZpad mini3 Tablet PC Review

So let’s break down why you should consider getting the Jumper EZpad mini3 Tablet PC. This review is meant to express our honest opinion and analysis on the Jumper EZpad mini3! We’re aiming to answer the important question: is it a good choice? We are going to check out most of its features, so stick with us as proceed. First off, let’s start by checking the most important specifications for this tablet:

Jumper EZpad mini3 Tablet PC Specs

  • CPU: Cherry Trail Z8300, 1.44 GHz Quad Core
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphic(Gen8)
  • OS: Windows 10
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 32 GB
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Dual Camera: Yes (Front and back are 2MP)
  • Dimensions: 8.35 x 5.12 x 0.35 inches
  • Weight: 339 grams
  • Screen Size: 8 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Battery: 4200mAh

These are the basic specs. Now on to the helpful aspects of this review: the pros and cons.

Jumper EZpad mini3 The Pros of Jumper EZpad mini3 Tablet:

Dirty Cheap

If you are looking for something extremely affordable, then you won’t find many like this one. You can take it home for only $95, which is a very nice deal. But is this tablet really worth $95? Based upon its capabilities, it’s worth way more than that. You’re getting the Jumper EZpad mini3 at a throwaway price only because there’s currently a flash sale running on GearBest.
To support this statement, we have to give you solid reasons. Just keep reading and understand why this tablet by Jumper is an excellent, cost-effective option.

Cost-effective Performance

The Jumper EZpad mini3 tablet over delivers, which is strange for tablets in this price range. You wouldn’t otherwise expect a lot for $95. You’re getting solid performance which will allow you to use this tablet with little complications.
The CPU, a Cherry Trail Z8300, 1.44 GHz Quad Core, is spot-on, exactly what you need to browse the internet, watch videos, view, and edit documents, play games, check Facebook, Twitter and more without a hitch.
It may not be as powerful as the expensive high-end tablets to be used for gaming purposes, but overall the Jumper EZpad mini3 offers good enough performance to leave you fully satisfied.

Jumper EZpad mini3 Spot on Resolution

Although we wish it were a 1920×1200 resolution, 1280 x 800 cuts it as well, especially when we take into account that it’s an 8-inch screen size. The quality may not be outstanding, but for $95 it offers a good bang for the buck because you can watch your favorite movies, videos and play some games with quality graphics.

Perfect For Every Occasion

8-inch tablets are very popular for traveling. Many travelers claim that the Jumper EZpad mini3 is an excellent option for taking on journeys because it’s lightweight (just 339 grams), the dimensions are perfect and overall is very convenient to carry around.
It will serve many purposes, be it for reading during your journey, checking or editing documents in college or at work, etc. You just need to be creative, because the Jumper EZpad mini3 tablet will go as far as you do.

Excellent Battery Duration

A common problem with budget-friendly tablets is the battery. This is not the case with this one. The battery for the Jumper EZpad mini3 may not have been designed for heavy use, but if you use it as an average user would, then it will last for quite a lot of time. If you intend to use it to check your email, listen to music, watch some videos and other everyday activities, then you are all good. This tablet will go along with your lifestyle, thanks to it long-lasting battery.
Well, how about the cons?

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The Cons:

The camera is not very impressive. If you are buying it because of the camera, then you may need to consider your priorities. The back or front camera is good for a chat with a friend, but not for taking high-resolution photos. In fact, this is a common problem with most tablets in this price range: they were not meant for camera purposes.
The resolution could be better. As we pointed out before, the resolution is spot on but could be better. But don’t let this discourage you because you are still getting a lot of value with its 1280×800 resolution.


It’s about time to give our final verdict: Yes, it’s worth the $95 and even more. A nice budget-friendly tablet that won’t disappoint you!

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