Recommended Instagram follow settings when automating with Jarvee

Instagram automation: Jarvee follow settings

I figured I’d write this tutorial for users who are automating their growth on Instagram using Jarvee because oftentimes, out of excitement, it’s very easy for you to get too aggressive with your settings when you have a great social media automation tool like Jarvee doing all the work for you.

PS: Here’s a tutorial for Mac OS and Windows users who wish to have the tool run 24/7 on a VPS absolutely FREE.

The settings you’re about to see have worked for me for quite a long time without encountering any follow blocks and should also help you achieve consistent Instagram growth with little heartaches. They’re based on my very own personal experience and opinion. However, I welcome any dissenting opinions in the comment section.

To start us off, just as I’ve mentioned in a previous post on follow limits, I will reiterate that you should always warm your Instagram accounts up especially if they’re fresh (new).

My recommendation when you’re setting up fresh accounts on Jarvee (or any other social media automation tool) is to start with as little as 50 follows/unfollows per day and gradually increase that amount by 50 every day until you reach a maximum of 500 follows/unfollows per day.

Other people recommend a lot more than that (some even 1200 follows/day) but I believe if your account means something to you and you’re planning on doing this long-term, you shouldn’t be taking unnecessary risks with it. After all, you can always grow more accounts on Jarvee and reach more people within a short period of time.

So assuming your account is properly warmed up, here’s my recommended Instagram follow settings on Jarvee:

Social Media Automation: Jarvee Instagram Follow Settings

social media automation Jarvee follow settings

You’ll notice that the above settings will yield around 496 follows/day. Also, notice that I’ve set the tool to perform this activity between 8.00 Am and 11.59 Pm. I set this in order to mimic human behavior as the average person would not be active on Instagram 24/7.

You can always adjust the time to fit the geographical location of your target audience so that your tool will be active when they most likely will be awake.

Moving on to the filters, we want to make sure that we target the most suitable users for our niche. Be cautious not to set too many filters as that would make it a little difficult for the tool to find enough users to target.

Improving targeting (filters)

social media automation Jarvee follow settings filters

Of course, not all Instagram accounts target the same, so you should probably play around with the settings accordingly.

Here I chose not to follow non-English users, I skipped users with no profile image as they’re likely to be bots, I chose to follow only users whose followers/following ratio is smaller than 1. This means that they’re following more than they’re being followed and most likely won’t mind giving you back a ‘follow’.

I’m also following users with less than 1000 followers who also have less than 1000 followings because it would be tough for your posts to be noticed by those who are following thousands of users. Here too, you’re at liberty to pick smaller numbers for best results.

Since I’m only interested in users who are active on Instagram I set Jarvee to follow only those that posted within the last 15 days.

I also skipped users that are already following me as well as those who’ve set their accounts to private.

UPdate: 3/21/2018

They’ve added a few great features to Jarvee and one that I really like (and I think many of you are going to find very useful) is the option to follow based on gender (see screenshot below).

Jarvee social media automation software

After Follow Action

social media automation Jarvee follow settings filters after follow

Here I have it like between 1 and 3 random post(s) of a user immediately after following each of them. This will improve your chances of getting noticed by them.

I also have it set to remove poor quality sources. This is one of the reasons why no other social media automation tool can match Jarvee’s capabilities. Here, the tool will take note of the sources you’ve given it and remove those whose users are not giving you a follow-back. That way, you’ll be able to create a list of best follow sources that you can use in future campaigns.

Best Settings For Follow Sources

Head over to the Follow Sources tab as shown in the image below:

social media automation Jarvee follow settings follow sources

From my own experience, i’ve figured two options that got me the highest follow-back ratio, so these are only ones that I use.

  • Follow followers/followings of target accountssocial media automation Jarvee follow settings follow sources best
  • Follow users that interacted with posts on target accountssocial media automation Jarvee follow settings follow sources posts

You’re all set!

As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have below in the comments section.

Until next time!

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