3 Handy Uses for Chrome Beyond Web Browsing

We’ve seen on a previous post that chrome allows you to play and view YouTube videos whiles you’re working on something else on a different tab, but Chrome has a buttload of hidden little tricks that you may not know about. This seemingly lightweight browser can do so much more than a regular browser can. And no, I won’t mention browsing incognito as other browsers have all jumped on board by now.

Here are three other areas Chrome browser takes the lead against all others.

1. View PDF and Text files

open pdf chromeYou’ve probably seen this when you received an email and all it took to view the attached document was a single click. Well, the good news is you can open similar documents on chrome straight from your hard drive. Nope, no internet connection needed for this, provided the document is located on your hard drive. Besides that, you can easily zoom in and out or even print out the document if need be. It might take a few seconds more to open that PDF doc than it would a text file but hey, you’d need longer if you had to down and install both Microsoft office and Adobe reader.

2. Browse your PC

chrome browse pc This one may not seem very necessary (and is definitely a fail aesthetically) but if your ever imposing OCD won’t let you browse your computer one more time on your monotonous Windows browser, Chrome is here to offer that much-needed change. Type file:/// on your Mac or (on Windows OS) C:\ into the address bar to get started.

3. Pay Video and Music files

play music videos chrome Don’t you just love the option to drag a music or video file onto your browser tab and have it immediately start to play? Okay, frankly this is nothing SiFi in 2016 and I’d expect my toaster to do something similar  but IE isn’t doing the same so we gotta give credit here 🙂 . Fair enough, You won’t have plenty of cool features to boot but it gets the job done just as good.

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