Instagram Limits and Strategies update 2017

This is an update to a previous entry about Instagram follow limits and how to moderate your activities in order to avoid getting your account into the ‘Instagram jail’ and even avoid the ‘ban hammer’. We are going to do a summary of what’s explained in that post and add what we’ve learnt since the last update.

Key areas we’re going to cover include:

  • Follow/Unfollow Limits
  • Instagram like limits
  • Instagram comments limits
  • How to ‘warm up’ new Instagram accounts.

Apart from the main themes, we’re also going to touch on Instagram automation and monetization.

With that said, let’s get started with our first pointer.

How many people can you follow/unfollow on Instagram at a time?

instagram limits 2

Image Credit: BoredPanda

We attempted to answer this question previously. Things haven’t changed much since but I believe we need a new approach when setting our follow/unfollow limits.

What’s important to note here is that there’s no universal follow and unfollow limits for Instagram, a lot of factors come to play here. I’ll mention a few important ones:

  • Age of Instagram account
  • Size – Number of followers
  • Overall engagement (commenting, liking)
  • Active/inactive accounts

among others.

Simply stated: aged Instagram accounts (~3months +) are able to follow more than new accounts; accounts with a lot of followers can follow more than those with few followers; active accounts that also have great engagement also tend to be allowed to follow more than dormant accounts.

So what’s the best approach you ask?

I set my follow limit for new Instagram accounts at 300 – 350/day for the first week. I then increase that number by between 50 – 70 every other week that follows until I reach a maximum of 800/day for that account.

It is possible to go beyond 800/day when your numbers grow but I prefer to avoid reaching limits when my accounts would get temporary bans.

Now let’s break that further down.

Say if you have a maximum of 5 hours a day to do the follow/unfollow method (assuming you’re doing it manually), and you’re working on a new Instagram account. That would amount to a maximum of 70/hr or 6 every 5 minutes. Those are very safe figures if you asked me.

The same formula works for older accounts as well.

instagram limits 3Instagram like limits

The general consensus from the people I talk to and a bit of my own experience is, you can safely like per day upto 1.5x the amount of follows you do. Say, for instance, your follow limit is 400/day, that allows you up to 600 likes per day. Keep in mind that these are by no means any official figures but simple estimates we’ve made from our own experiences.

Instagram Comments Limits

Personally, I’ve never had to write so many comments to the extent that Instagram stopped me from doing more, but I’ve spoken to many people that are more aggressive with their strategies on Instagram and they agree that a maximum of 250/day would be safe.

Since we’ve already covered new Instagram accounts and how to ‘warm them up’, we should talk a bit about the follow/unfollow approach.

Automating Your Instagram Growth

For many of us, following up to 800/day, unfollowing another couple hundred, liking and commenting can prove too hard a task to do manually. Now imagine doing that every day. And what if you have more than one Instagram account to manage? It becomes almost impossible.

That’s where Massplanner comes in. With Massplanner, you can set it up to do all the tasks you’d otherwise have had to do manually. It frees you up so that you can have time to focus on other equally important areas of your business.


This morning so far: followed 118 and unfollowed 93. Total ‘Follows’: 50130; Total ‘Unfollows’: 51805. So glad I didn’t have to do all that manually!

Massplanner automates a variety of social media accounts and recently expanded to include Tumblr!

If Instagram is your main focus make sure you select the Instagram Edition especially if you plan to set up unlimited accounts and with all Instagram features available. If you can’t spot this edition on the website, scroll further down to the footer section.

Read – This Tool Will Grow Your Instagram Account While You Sleep

They have a 5-day money back trial period so might want to check it out now. It is quite easy to set up but in case you’re unsure of anything, feel free to leave us a comment below and we’ll be able to assist you.

We’ll leave it here until the next update and in case you’re wondering how to monetize your account, visit our post about Instagram Limits and find out how to.

See you on the next Instagram limits update!

instagram follow limit updated 2017
instagram like follow unfollow limit

Update 07.08.2016

I meant to post an update last evening but didn’t get around to doing it.

(Link removed: Update coming soon)

–> Read: How to recover from an Instagram shadowban.

Well, my fashion page hit 20k and I was happy to see it move from 19.9k as I watched. I’m testing a few things and if something worth writing about comes up, I’ll share it in the next update.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until next time!

About The Author
Noah is a technology enthusiast at heart. He writes about tech, various topics trending on digital media and offers solutions to everyday gadget issues
  • Rohan Shah

    Hey Noah!

    I believe 300 should be the safe number to follow everyday!

    Great article overall!

    • Hey Rohan, glad to see you around. thanks

      • Sarah Williams

        I’ve skyped you. What’s going on!! 🙂

        • Hey Sarah, I can’t see your Skype message. Could you try that again and make sure you’re writing to my id diablo2562

          • Sarah Williams

            I will try again. If it doesn’t work I’ll shift to email cause I check my email all the time. Sending love and light your way!!!!

            • Email is fine too Sarah. thank you 🙂

              • Sarah Williams

                I emailed you 🙂

              • Sarah Williams

                What do you think about buying likes? Do you know anyone who has bought likes? Do you know anyone who has been banned for this? I’m launching my shirt line this weekend and I’ve been learning how to get in the “top posts” and I’ve been very interested in buying likes but I don’t wanna get banned. Help! I launch in 2 days.

                • It will take more than just likes to get to the ‘top posts’ 🙂

                  Will email you tomorrow afternoon if that’s ok.

                  • Sarah Williams

                    Thanks. I hear its lots of comments that get people in the top posts, and the engament ratio to the following itself. I hear comments are more valuable than likes for top posts. Today I will be testing out some strategies that I read about yesterday. I can’t believe all the growth on your IG. I looked at it the other week ????

                    • Just sent you mail to @bree**

                      Let me know if you need anything else.

                    • Just sent you mail to @bree**

                      Let me know if you need anything else.

  • Helena Gioti

    Great post and very informative for a new Instagramer (I use Instagram for quite a time – even before Facebook had bought the platform – so I hadn’t experiencing any problem with daily likes or follows. However, I can’t say the same for a FB profile (there is a limit for daily FB likes but I can’t remember how many exactly; must be around 100-150 likes per day)

  • I liked 2000 photos manually in like 2 hours or so and then they blocked me from liking… now im not sure if i’ll ever be able to like again haha!!

    • That’s on the extreme. Give it a few days, start slow and gradually increase the frequency as advised in the post. 🙂

      • haha I wish I knew this earlier! But thank you I will follow your advice 🙂

  • Maria-Carla Atencio

    I started using Instagress and it’s working ok, i’m just scared i’ll end up in Instajail


    • Just need to watch the limits 🙂

  • Sareta Fontaine

    Ah, i’ve been toying with trying Massplanner, I’ve heard such good things about it

    • I couldn’t recommend MassPlanner more. I have multiple accounts across multiple social media platforms running on it.

  • Hi, What do you think about the inter operation timing such as between 2 follows – unfollows – liking – comment ? There is a recommended delay time?

    • Thanks for bringing this up, I should have mentioned something about it in the article. When I used to do it manually I would set different days for following and other days for unfollowing, but since I’m now running the accounts on MassPlanner, I haven’t had to worry about that. I think their default settings for switching between activities has been programmed to not do it on the extreme.

      All in all I would leave at least 1hr between follow and unfollow but commenting and liking could easily go with following, for instance, you can follow someone and then like 2 of their images and maybe leave a comment.

      Hope that helps

      • Yes it makes sense, but what about a delay between likes or between follows, still adequate 5 seconds?

        • have a look at my settings for my fashion account.

          Let me know if you need anything.

          • Many thanks Noah, very useful.

          • Prince Lorde

            hey noah, love u work! so would your unfollow numbers match the amount of following numbers… i.e unfollowing 850-900 per day? also what happened to your IG account you mentioned previously on this post? its gone? <3 thanks mate

            • Hey Lorde,
              yes I would unfollow the same number as I follow. Dropped that account off when I couldn’t switch niches to a more profitable one. Currently running several others that I will post about real soon.

              • Prince Lorde

                Superstar response, perfect thank you!

                And finally, its ok to unfollow at the same time (Via MassPlanner) as you would follow, or do you use a seperate allocated time for unfollowing? i.e 8am-11.30am daily (example)

                Gracis Bro <3

                • I haven’t actually paid much attention to timing. I just set the settings for following and unfollowing and leave Mass planner to do its thing.

                  • Sarah

                    Hey Noah. I emailed you on the 14th. Looking forward to hearing from you!! Hope your summer has been great so far.

      • Yes it makes sense, but what about a delay between likes or between follows, still adequate 5 seconds?

  • Anna Elizabeth Events

    This is such a helpful article! I haven’t yet tried the follow/unfollow method to gain new followers but, I’d like to give it a go to see if it works long-term!

    xo Anna Elizabeth

  • CurlyCurlyK

    I’m not a fan of f/uf personally, but this was a lot of interesting information for sure. Thanks for going into such detail.

  • paulabendfeldt

    Thanks for the great tips! I have been trying to unfollow manually but bot blocks me after 9-11 unfollows. I was waiting an hour and trying again but today it blocked me from unfollowing for the rest of the day. I am guessing I need to start very slowly and have enough time between each unfollow. What would be your recommendations regarding where to start with daily unfollows / follows. Also I looked into MassPlanner but I have a Mac and it says you need Windows. Any recommendations for a Mac user? Thanks so much!

    • Hey Paula,
      would you mind mentioning which bot you’re using? Also, how old is your account, amount of followers and have you been doing it regularly or did you start only recently?

      The only option I can think of for Massplanner would be to run it on a VPS, they have instructions for it on their website and the cool thing it you can access it from your mobile phone/ipad from wherever you are.

      • paulabendfeldt

        Hi Noah, I was using InsTrack app to unfollow manually and following manually directly from IG. My account is more than two years old. I started using InsTrack app on my phone to unfollow 3-4 days ago. I have 7,500 followers right now. Is Instagress not a good option? Also would what is your IG account? Would love to check it out. Thanks so much!

        • Hey,
          well i think there’s a huge risk in doing the follow/unfollow method on separate platforms (i.e bot, IG app).It very well could be the cause of your main issue.

          It’s also important to consider that when you load your account on Instagress and you’re also doing others stuff on the app, your account is essentially running simultaneously on two ip addresses that are probably miles apart. This would definitely raise a huge red flag.

          Best thing to do would be to let it rest for two days and then start really slow as though the account is new.

          I’m running this account: on Massplanner and only use it to follow/unfollow/like images, but post pictures using the official app and comment and also like using the app. I haven’t experienced a single issue in months.

          All my other accounts are equally running smoothly on MP and i do everything there including uploading images.

          At the moment I’m not using proxies on any of them (4 accounts in total).

          • Jordy Komesarook

            Hi Noah,

            Just reading your feedback here – I’m a little confused as you said there is a huge risk doing the follow/unfollower method on a separate platform, yet you suggest using Massplanner to follow/unfollow? I also wanted to know if you could recommend any software like Massplanner that runs on Mac – my Macbook Pro probably isn’t strong enough to run Windows in order to use Massplanner, however I’m desperate for a quality way to automate activity on Instagram!


            • What I meant was that it’s best to leave Massplanner to follow and unfollow for you rather than doing it both on your phone and at the same time on massplanner.

              The alternative for Mac users would be to run it on a VPS, otherwise I haven’t tried many softwares enough to be able to recommend them to you.

              I’m totally satisfied working with MP.

          • Jordy Komesarook

            Hi Noah,

            Just reading your feedback here – I’m a little confused as you said there is a huge risk doing the follow/unfollower method on a separate platform, yet you suggest using Massplanner to follow/unfollow? I also wanted to know if you could recommend any software like Massplanner that runs on Mac – my Macbook Pro probably isn’t strong enough to run Windows in order to use Massplanner, however I’m desperate for a quality way to automate activity on Instagram!


  • PositiveTiimes

    Hey! I only have 2.2k followers on instagram and I have been trying to grow, and so I have been going to bigger accounts, going to the likes on their most recent (So I know those accounts are active) and been mass following, I can follow about 100 in a few minutes, and then I am no longer able to follow any more people for 24 hours.

    From reading this guide, I see you talking about following loads – (100s). I was wondering how you get to follow like 500+ rather than just the 100 I can. Is it something to do with me following them all in a very short amount of time? Am I supposed to spread it out a bit more? I’d love a few more tips on how much time you should leave between following a certain amount of people.

    (Also, sadly I am not able to spend money on other guides you mentioned, and possibly apps or whatever.)

    Also, I’d like to point out that my account was made in March, so isn’t very new, and as mentioned before, I have 2.2k followers.

    Thanks! Great guide

    • Hey,
      well 100 in just a few minutes is way extreme and could potentially get you banned.
      For your account’s size, I would consider 80/hr to be safe. Just spread them as much as you can.

      Best approach like I mentioned in the post would be to 1st determine how much time for IG you have in a day and then spread it evenly. That should allow time in between for your account to rest.

      • PositiveTiimes

        Okay. Thanks a lot! I figured I would give that a go yesterday before you replied and I gained about 200-300 in the day, so that is awesome 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Hans Peter

    Hey Noah! Thank you for the Update! What about safety and the amount of followers you ‘buy’? I stayed away from
    It but now do want to test it with 50 followers. It says it will deliver it in 24hrs, do you think this could come off as spammy? ( I got banned bc of a follow-bot before so I am super careful now..)

    Happy to have found your articles,

    • No, I think 50, 100, 500 within a day should be safe.

  • Kay2016

    Hi Noah…can you please tag a screenshot of how you set up your massplanner so that you don’t keeping f/uf the same person over and over again. Considering if this is something I want to set up or now…Thanks for the insight on all these available programs. I didn’t realize how many people actually automate.

  • Kay2016

    Hi Noah…can you please tag a screenshot of how you set up your massplanner so that you don’t keeping f/uf the same person over and over again. Considering if this is something I want to set up or now…Thanks for the insight on all these available programs. I didn’t realize how many people actually automate. Thanks so much

    • Hi Kay,

      The basic concept is to set it to follow only the most recent followers of the big accounts whose followers you’re targeting. So when you follow someone, you won’t be following them again unless they unfollowed that big account and followed them again when massplanner is checking for new followers. See attached screenshot:

      • Rock Lee

        Hi Noah! you’re my guru thank you for the great article! I’ve got 2 questions for you:

        – do you think that following the most recent is better than set it to follow who likes/comments on the big accounts pages?
        (I also can’t figure out why you set it just for the 10 most recent)
        – do you set MP to follow profiles with a certain followers/following ratio or you just leave that box unchecked ? do you think following small users with few followers and many followings guarantees a higher follow back?

        Thank you so much and keep it up!

        • haha,
          – I have tested both but I never seemed to get anywhere by following likers or commenters. Sure you’ll get a few follow-backs but in my own experience it was always far less than if followed the most recent followers of my target accounts.

          I set it to follow 10 most recent because they’re mostly likely active and logged in so they will see the notification immediately. Also, people who’ve just followed an account in a niche they like are likely to follow yours as well.

          – I haven’t set it to follow based on follower/following ratio solely because the laptop I’m running MP on is a little slow. I think it’s a nice feature that I’d like to explore some time in the future.

          • Rock Lee

            Thank you so much for your time and for the thorough reply! I’ll start testing your strategy right now!

            one last question about MP:
            – I set MP to only like posts by keyword/hashtag.
            Do you reckon that setting “like latest feed posts” and “like posts of followers” could be beneficial? (something like, hey I like my followers stuff so they keep liking mine back) ..or is it better to focus all the fire power towards the hashtags to get new followers?

            Thank you

            • To me, both sound good. Question is, do you want to gain followers quicker or is post engagement much more important to you?

              I noticed that when you like and comment on your followers’ posts, most will reciprocate and thereby improving engagement which in turn will help get you among the top posts for the harshtags you’re using. This is probably why (IMO) we should always try keeping our ‘following’ numbers manageable.

              By the way, when someone likes your post (on your personal account), how likely are you to follow them?

              • Rock Lee

                touché. extremely good point sir!

      • Kay2016

        Great thank you

      • Samuel

        Follow followers works ? despite that it’s only indicated here Get/users/SELF/followed-by

        If like you say, I follow a most recent follower and this unfollow the account and refollow…Mass planer doesn’t know that I already follow this and skip it ? what about sql data ?

        Thanks if you can help me 🙂

        • Samuel

          I would also ask you : No dev account to create and use Massplaner with our own api keys ? Dangerous, if their API :/

  • SuperHealthyCooking

    WooW what numbers.. 😀 I only follow about 150 a week.. 😛 But good to know that I can go ballistic with it! 🙂

  • I hadn’t heard of massplanner, but it sounds awesome.

  • Great tips. Ill have to save this post to refer to it again later since I need to up my instagram.

  • Thanks for the tips! I noticed the account @glance.ever doesnt exist anymore..did it get banned?? What might have caused it?

  • Pudyastomo

    Hi Noah,
    Before I read your article, I’ve been ‘succeed’ unfollowing around 1k in one day. But in the next day, I can only unfollow 50 using automation fast-unfollow, and now it stop at all. Does it mean my account being banned?
    Please advice. Thank you.

  • Arthawan Putra

    hi noah. i want to ask you. what if i use imacros script to follow? i set it follow 1 account in 5 minutes. is that safe?? because i use pc in my office and i use it 24 hours non stop. it safe if i use imacros script to follow the follower? and can i send u an email, i want to ask you about instagram

  • Hans Peter

    Hey Noah! instagram has gotten super harsh on their users. My account is 4 years old and yesterday I got blocked from liking the first time. It was okay this morning but after liking 4 pictures normally on my feed, blocked again! What is going on? Can you recommend how to behave after this? No action at all? I don’t dare to touch the app anymore, so scared that they will disable my account that I’ve worked on for so long! Any tips and do they ever let me off the watch once I was on? Thank you!

  • Hans Peter

    Hey Noah! instagram has gotten super harsh on their users. My account is 4 years old and yesterday I got blocked from liking the first time. It was okay this morning but after liking 4 pictures normally on my feed, blocked again! What is going on? Can you recommend how to behave after this? No action at all? I don’t dare to touch the app anymore, so scared that they will disable my account that I’ve worked on for so long! Any tips and do they ever let me off the watch once I was on? Thank you for your help!

  • Edi Dermawan

    I need more detail on comments strategies, its seem no detail about this on internet.

  • Empowee

    So glad I spotted your tricks Noah. I will check it out. I am planning an Instaseries on my blog I plan to follow about 50ppl per hour.

  • vaberer

    Hello, I’d like to assure if your estimation 800 per day means follow and unfollow together or not.

    Thanks for the reply


    • Just for one setting (either follow or unfollow). You just need to make sure your account is aged enough and has been active.

      • vaberer

        RIght, the number 800 is just a raw estimation and it depends on many factors. So let’s say, I am using follow action during the day and unfollow during the night, Would you recommend to stick with 800 actions per day (i.e. 400 follows + 400 unfollows, or any other combination) or have 1600 actions per day(800 follows and 800 unfollows)


  • Michael Sparks

    Can anyone help me out with using followliker?

    • Sorry man, haven’t experimented with followliker myself, although i hear it’s a good tool but too technical.

  • bloOody lucas

    Hello there brother,first of all thank you so much for the article it’s so helpful for me! You just saved a life, second of all i have a question
    There is a web page called instaplus it’s for auto likes/follow/unfollow you can do tasks and stuff like the app you mentioned above.
    Do you know if it’s risky to use this website? Do i get a permanent bann for auto liking? Because I’m working hard on my instagram account and i don’t want to start all over again.

    • Sounds a bit risky. It doesn’t sound like you’ll have a lot of control over what happens with your account.

      • bloOody lucas

        What about i use only auto liker? I won’t let it to follow/unfollow people, will it still be risky ?

        • The problem with that is, the activities on your account will be happening on different ip addresses which Instagram doesn’t really like.

          • bloOody lucas

            Holy.. i used it once but only for likes i guss i should stop now jesus..
            Another question the account is being used by two people is that count as a different ip address or something? i don’t know alot about those stuff
            By the way thanks for your replays

            • It will come under IG’s radar when the activities increase. Why not just get Massplanner and have all your activities automated on it? It will save you a lot of headaches.

  • Carlos

    Hello Noah thanks for the article , I have one question.
    Right now my account (carlos_lastra_martos) has 416 followers and I follow 459 and I created the account like 3 months ago, do you think that I can try the 800 follows per day now? Or go a little higher ?

    • Hi Carlos, how active has your account been in the last 3 weeks?

      • Carlos

        quite active, I have been posting one video everyday

  • Yo

    Hello Noah, 2 days ago I got temporary blocked because I followed too many people. Now I can follow them again. Do you think I can follow 400 people a day or now I should stop for some week coz maybe I’m in a blacklist?
    My account is 4 years old but I only started to use it “properly” 2 weeks ago.

    • I would start very slow and gradually increase pace. Start with around 250/day and increase it by 50 everyday that follows until you reach a maximum of 800/day.

  • bb

    every account i do it will block after some follow what i do ?

  • Lior V Soffer

    is it safe to use massplanner? isn’t it dangerous like the other 3rd party apps?

  • Lior V Soffer

    Is it safe to use maaplanner for instagram? can it get me banned?

  • Incognito Incognitov

    Hi Noah! thanks for your insight!
    Is it safe to follow 80 people per hour?

    • 80/hr will get you a ban.

      Pls refer to artcle.

      • Incognito Incognitov

        I’ve read the whole article bro! Thanks for reply! I have an old account, never follow somebody more than 2-3 hours at time. why will i get ban? The limit set by IG is 100/hr after all?!

        • you could follow 100/hr in 2014-15, but not in 2017

  • Famefinally

    Can anyone confirm if the new Instagram follow limit is now 40people?

    • Some are limited to 30 while others 40.

      I would keep it at below 30/hr just to be on the safe side

      • seravi

        Hi Noah, I’m new at JARVEE now and trying to learn this. So I see there is follow limit for new accounts(1 week old) Can you tell me how many follows and unfollows per hour you prefer for an new account?

        • Noah

          One needs to treat new accounts delicately but that’s not everything. The thing is, regardless of age, every account needs to be warmed up.

          That would mean starting very slow and gradually increase activities. When I load new accounts on my tool, I would follow less than 50 for the 1st day then increase by 50 each new day.

  • Loli Fernandez

    HI! i just created an account, on the first day I made 100 followers, on the second day 50. Instagram didn’t banned me or anything. I didn’t receive any message but it doesn’t let me follow more than 20 people per hour. Did anyone have the same problem? Its really annoying and I can’t get my account working

    • I would let it rest for a day or two before resuming the activities.

  • Andre Cheah

    Hi Noah, thanks for the article, just seeing if there is one for mid 2017 ( So many changes in IG!) I also noticed that IG will let you press the buttons to get to 100 follows per hour and it reflects in the follow number but when you go back to it later it only shows that you have followed 30. So in actual fact is limiting you to follow 30 per hour ( in a sneaky way ) Have you noticed this too and what is the new max no for you?

    • It’s been happening to a lot of users lately. I still notice a disparity in the number of follows one is allowed to from one account to the next. If you found out that it won’t let you go past 30 I would recommend that you try not to exceed that figure.

  • Christoph

    Hey Noah, i know that there’s a 7500 Followerlimit. Does that mean that i can follow

    A) 7500 at all


    B) Follow 7500, unfollow 6500, follow 6500 again, unfollow 5000, follow 5000 etc etc.

    I can’t find anything about…

    • 7500 is the maximum number of followings (people you follow) you can have at any given time. If you’re asking about how many follow actions you can perform /day/hr please refer to the information above.

      • Christoph

        hey noah, I still don’t understand the “at any given time”, so is b correct or a correct, meaning that once I followed 7500 people I won’t be able to follow any more even if I unfollow a bunch of them.

        • When you’ll simply unfollow and start following again until you’re following 7500.

          But you really don’t need to wait until you reach 7500 to start unfollowing.

  • Which are your accounts? I didn’t see links all through your articles?

    • Noah

      We discovered early on that our accounts were being sabotaged and others copied so we pulled them down from the articles they were mentioned in.

  • disqus_8zYILjrF6l

    Is it safe to follow 600, unfollow 600 at the same time and like x1,5 or x2 times? I am most concerned about wether or not I can follow and unfollow at the same time.

    • Noah

      I don’t think it’s safe to do both at the same time especially after the latest updates in algos. I’d recommend allocating days for ‘following’ and other days for ‘unfollowing’.

      And try to keep your activities at below 40/hr

  • James taylor

    Noah, Are you still recommending GramDominator?

    • I do.

      • James taylor

        Would you recommend any specific resources for managing social media for healthcare? And, any advice on what are reasonable fees to charge for management and growth of social media accounts?

        • add me on Skype and I’ll see how I can help @diablo2562

          • James taylor

            Tried to Skype you. Will try again soon.

      • seravi

        Hi Noah, do you know what’s the big different is with GramDominator and MassPlanner?

        • GramDominator is a good tool but it a bit buggy and not very friendly for new users. On the other hand, JARVEE is currently the best automation tool. You get a lot more options and settings than any other tool, it’s very easy to use and you can automate on several platforms.

          • seravi

            Thanks Noah, which do you prefer for a new user? JARVEE or MassPlanner?

            • There’s no more Mass Planner now. Jarvee took its place, same settings, same functionalities, same username except that the name is different and colors too.

              • seravi

                Thanks for your helpfully replies. I have a last question can I use JARVEE and the IG account on phone and pc on the same time? or must I logout from IG on all devices and than I set the JARVEE active?

                • I log into my personal account on my phone even when it’s running on the tool.

                  I should mention that when I log into my account on the phone I don’t perform any activities that are already running on the tool.

                  2 Points to note:
                  -> It’s safer when both your phone and Jarvee are on the same network or proxy.
                  -> it is safer to perform activities on your phone when all activities on Jarvee have been paused in order to avoid performing the same activity at the same time on different devices.

  • تاجير سيارت في لندن

    can you please help me i cant follow more than 25 poeple it only lets met follow 25 and when i follow 26th person it automatically unfollows does any one have the same problem please let me know :/

  • Shahzaib Hashmi

    Hi! i am facing a problem on instagram.I was using a app name IG Save and suddenly my account was logged out. When i try to see my account from second account it displays as Instagrammer. When i try to login it said something went wrong. I try to rest my password from email but there appears that “Sorry this user is not active”
    Can you please solve my this issue?

    • Looks like Instagram deleted your account.

      • Shahzaib Hashmi

        So is there any way to get my account back?

  • Wendy

    my biggest question is how come an increase in number of followers did not correspond to an increase in likes? when I upped my # followers from 300 to 800, I noticed a spike in likes and started to get around 200-300 per post. Now that I have 1600, I still only get 200-300. At 900 followers, I got temporarily blocked by Instagram by following too fast (actually…just 200) and didn’t think much bout it and got blocked again. So I wonder if this has ever prevented my post showing up in new follower’s feeds? Or does it have to do with the new algorithm? Now I’m reluctant to follow new people / gain new followers, just because it doesn’t seem to add any value to my posts… btw I’m just an average user / traveler using Instagram for fun (not trying to make any money out of it).

    • Wendy

      I have a 5-year-old account btw… I didn’t post for 4 years actually. a year ago I started to post every few days for myself and friends. just a month ago I started to experiment with following like-minded people.

    • Wendy

      it’s been almost a month since I received the “temporarily blocked” warning. after following/liking 32 posts, they tend to stall my progress. then after 5 or 10 minutes or so, I notice that I can start liking again. it has been like this for almost a month…. in the past, before I received “temp block” warning, I could follow/like 100-200 very fast in an hour. is this related to my stagnant number of likes despite growing # of followers? how can I return my account to normal?

  • Morgan

    Hi I think for the past few months I have been following and in following a huge amount of people and im not sure if I got blocked or just restricted for a a while and if I did get restricted … How long does the restriction last?

  • Anupama Chauhan

    Hi, recently I am facing an issue with my instagram account. I am not able to follow more than 25-30 people in an hour. Earlier I was able to follow upto 300-400. Is this a common thing being faced by many or it’s just mine ?

  • Alexander Londono

    Hey Noah, would it be possible to get your skype id or if you can email me I would like to chat with you about using massplanner to grow our agency.

    • Hi Alexander,
      you can add me on Skype: diablo2562

  • Daddy

    Can I follow 800 and unfollow 800 in one day??

    • If your account is more than 2 years old and has been very active for more than 4 weeks before now, then yes, you can follow and unfollow that many in one day.

      But I wouldn’t recommend following that much. Eventually Instagram will catch on and your account will start getting blocks too often. You may also suffer a shadowban.

      • Daddy

        And if I do 400 then turn on the VPN and make another 400?

  • Mia

    Great article, thank you! <3 So when I will unfollow all the people I follow and then again try to follow some new ones, how can I make sure that I dont follow again those people who are following me right now? So it doesnt show them that I followed them again? I think that would be weird. Do you go to each account you want to follow manually and check if there is follow back button? Or is there any other way without going to their account?