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This Tool Will Grow Your Instagram Account While You Sleep: JARVEE Review

… and allow you to spend more time and attention on creating better content for your target audience.

Don’t you just hate it when you have to spend countless hours following/unfollowing users, searching for, liking and commenting on posts in your niche in an attempt at growing your Instagram account but the results remain less than impressive because – apparently – you aren’t doing enough?

It gets worse when you want to unfollow those that did not follow you back and now you need to find them and unfollow them.

What do you do when your engagement takes a dip and you need to find those followers that have not been active on Instagram for months and are causing your engagement to suffer and block them off?

Why your account is growing too slow

Your account has not been growing as fast as it should because you probably didn’t know of a reliable app that can lift the burden off your hands and work for you just like an efficient VA – except that this app is ridiculously cheap, doesn’t ask for vacations and won’t fall sick when you need it to perform certain Instagram activities for you.

I’m happy that I got the chance to test out the two best automation software available today.

  1. Jarvee – Currently the most advanced social media automation tool
  2. Gram MultiTool – Exclusive to Instagram

After trying our a good number of automation tools, I can confidently say JARVEE is currently the most advanced automation tool in the market.

You don’t have to take my word for it – simply download the 5-day trial (You don’t need a credit card) and test it out for yourself.

With Jarvee, you can now automate on several social media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Tumbler and 
  • LinkedIn

They’re offering a 5-day FREE trial (You don’t need a credit card!), so I quickly registered and gave it a test drive.

Here’s how you can get started real quick:

  1. Visit the homepage, scroll to the bottom and click on START YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW.

Jarvee review 1 mass planner alternative

2. Select any package (Starter, Professional, Premium or Business)

Jarvee review 2 mass planner alternative

3. Enter and confirm your email like below:

Jarvee review 3 mass planner alternative

4. After clicking on Start Free Trial you will be led to the thank you page (image below).  The email containing the download link and your login details will arrive shortly after.

Jarvee review 4 mass planner alternative

5. Email with Download Link and Login Details:

Jarvee review 5 mass planner alternative

Setting up your social media account on Jarvee

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Jarvee, use the login details you received in the email to log in.

Jarvee review 7 mass planner alternative

To set up your social media account on Jarvee, click on SOCIAL PROFILES on the left sidebar. Now click on ADD PROFILE and select which social media platform you want to automate on.

Jarvee review 8 mass planner alternative

I wanted to add my Instagram account so that’s what I picked. Here, you’ll just need to enter your username and password and you’re good to go!

PS: If you’re planning to run more than 5 Instagram accounts or if you plan to run Jarvee on a VPS, it’s safer to use proxies. I recommend going for dedicated proxies.

Jarvee review 9 mass planner alternative

Once you’ve added your username and password and clicked VERIFY ACCOUNT, the status will change to VALID. You can now move onto TOOLS on the left menu bar. Now click on the account you’ve added and will be able to see all you can do with Jarvee (see images below).

Here’s an example of what the FOLLOW feature offers you:

Jarvee review 10 mass planner alternative

Jarvee review 11 mass planner alternative

Jarvee review 12 mass planner alternative


facebook automation features jarvee review


Twitter automation features jarvee review


pinterest automation jarvee review

Google Plus

Google Plus Automation Features jarvee review

… among others.

Second to Jarvee is Gram Multitool. This tool was created for Instagram only and comes with some very impressive features.

mass planner alternative gram multitool review

Now imagine what your life could be like if you could grow not just one, but unlimited successful Instagram accounts, all on autopilot leaving you to focus your attention on the most important aspect of your Instagram business – your content.

You’re unsure what niche to pursue on Instagram? What if you could grow several accounts all in different niches while you figure out which one to settle for and shift most of your energy to?

Gram Multitool sets itself apart from any other publicly available automation software:

  • 1st for the sheer fact that it’s easy to set up
  • You won’t need to upgrade in order to run unlimited number of accounts &
  • just like Jarvee, they have multiple agents in different time zones to provide a 24/7 support coverage

As a side note, if you’re looking to automate more than 5 Instagram accounts, it is imperative that you use proxies on those extra accounts. You can save yourself of unnecessary headaches by going for dedicated proxies.

mass planner alternative gram multitool review 2

Gram Multitool emulates a mobile device and doesn’t raise any device fingerprint patterns with Instagram, so your accounts are in safe hands (this is the main reason why many marketers have left FollowLiker and prefer to automate on either Jarvee or Gram Multitool instead).

Instagram recently changed their algorithms so that you shouldn’t  follow more than 40/hour.

With Gram Multitool, you will be able to keep your follow activity at less than 40/hr and have the tool run for hours, weeks and months as you take a break and tend to other areas of your business.

Think about it, even if you set it to follow 30 people/hour, by the end of the day you will have followed more than 700 people – which I think is a lot! I like to keep it below 500/day. (Refer to this post).

Bottom line is, for the price of a single movie ticket, you can get your hands on a tool that will take away a truckload of stress off the work you have to do on a daily basis and help you grow your account on autopilot effectively allowing you to shift your attention to other equally important elements of your business.

Some features you might find useful:

  • Follow Module
  • Unfollow Module
  • Like Module
  • Comment Module
    – All modules have advanced filtering ranging from follow ratio to gender
  • Batch Publisher
  • Quick-Publisher
  • Advanced analytics (for everything you could think of)
  • User tracking: Track users you interacted with, so you can see exactly who followed you back and what the reason was (e.g. filter uses was #love)
  • Unlimted accounts
  • Generate various graphs about your followers like gender distribution, follower engagement, posts per week and much more.
  • Lot’s of filters for scraping users
  • View how you can optimize your posts based on tags used which result in highest engagement.
  • Determine the best time to post based on the engagement of your pictures.
  • And much, much more…

PS: You can now test out Gram Multitool and if not impressed by what it can do, you can request a refund within 3 days after purchasing.

Get started growing your Instagram followers on Gram MultiTool now.

Until next time!

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    • Hi Fabian, thanks for reading my articles.

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