Google chrome extensions not showing on toolbar (quick solution)

Chrome extensions not showing in toolbar? That happened to me too this morning. It’s really important to me that I have certain extensions showing on my toolbar. I have four for my favorites for different reasons: chrome extensions

  • AdBlock this is one of the most useful extensions for Chrome that everyone should have. What’s with all the annoying popups when you click on a link on Men’s Humor’s Facebook posts? Man, those click bait can be super annoying! It may sound counterintuitive knowing very well that ads keep blogs like mine running but often times ad blockers are a ‘necessary evil’.
  • Alexa Toolbar this is how I monitor how my blogs are fairing against all other websites. Haha not really, Alexa ranking is grossly inaccurate but I like certain features about it. It helps when I want to rank up my blog posts so that readers like you can easily find my content. It helps me find where my competitors build backlinks that rank their posts high on Google so I can replicate the same effect for my posts.
  • MozBar this is probably my favorite chrome extension. Whenever I have an idea for a blog post. I first check what my chances against my competition are, so I know if the post is worth writing. No point in writing something super intriguing that no one is going to find. There’s just no way I can beat Microsoft’s official website should I choose to go against it for the keyword ‘Windows‘.
  • Grammarly this is one hidden gem that only a few people know about. Grammarly is the guy that points out my grammatical errors whenever I type something on my browser. Helps keep things professional. grammarly chrome extension

I have other extensions for Chrome that I activate/deactivate when the need arises (based on what I’m working on at the moment), but I won’t list them all for relevancy purposes.

So last night I was prompted to update my Chrome browser and soon after I went to bed. Only to wake up in the morning to find all my extensions GONE! For a minute, I thought I had unknowingly switched to the all annoying Microsoft Edge browser (not at all that it’s a bad browser entirely, but they f-ed up so bad with Internet explorer that I became allergic to all browsers by Microsoft). Not cool, I know.

I took a look at my chrome extensions and realized they had all been deactivated by the update. No biggie, I figured. I’d simply check and enable all extensions I needed. Problem solved? Nada, my google chrome extensions weren’t showing!  chrome extensions not showing in toolbar

They were hidden under the drop-down menu icon: google chrome extensions not showing

How to add chrome extension on toolbar?

Easy, simply right-click on the extension icon you intend to add on the toolbar and select show in toolbar add chrome extension on toolbar

Problem solved.

Shoot me any questions below.

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